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Another "Lyrical" story. Maybe I should put out a mix with all the songs?

There is one more story left to post, so the new year will start off on a Guy Group note!

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When I found this file it was labeled, "For Moony". And here I thought it was just K who got me to write p0rn (well, for me it's racy).

I first posted this on my geocities page, but since that has gone the way of the dodo, here it is for your pleasure.

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You might need to read Part One to understand this. But since the bunny that prompted this gave me a firm "No Names" rule, you might not understand it anyway.

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I missed posting this last night because of the down time, so here are the last two parts.

Part 16 has a bunch of word for word dialog, I know it, it was a choice I made, don't hate me.

It's been a wild ride and I hope you've enjoyed it. I know that I've loved every minute of it.

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So I've been kind of an idiot and forgot (for a year) to post the rest of this.

::looks around:: Please don't hurt me.

If you need to catch up on what's gone down so far, there's the story index.

A big thanks goes to the most awesomest beta in the word, [ profile] erinm_4600. Every one should shower her in chocolate and tatter tots and what ever else she wants 'cus she's that awesome (and her birthday is coming).

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[ profile] het_reccers is looking for recs of Syfy mini series fic. So Tin Man and Alice peeps, get over there and do some reccing.
All the info you'll need -

First there was the commercial with the hamsters in the car and now cats are selling subs... I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!!

Last night I did an ice cream run and as I was paying the radio started to play "Quite Playin' Games With My Heart" (side note: the check out girl and I both started mouthing the words, then saw each other and got embarrassed.). Now I remember when this song first came out and all the hysteria around it - 14 YEAR AGO!!!

The really sad part... it was the Flashback Song!!!
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Story Index - Part 14

The Realm of the Unwanted really was a place unlike no other in the Zones. About seventy annuals ago, the Outer Zones had been rocked by storms for nearly a month. When the skies finally cleared, there were two-hundred Indo-Asian refugees scattered across the land. At the time, the Outer Zone had been at war and a rumor was passed that they were really spies. More then fifty had died before the crown could intervene. The Realm was set up for the remaining people as a haven.

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Parts 1-12 can be found at the Story Index. Thanks to [ profile] erinm_4600 for her amazing beta skills.

The morning had passed quietly; Lorain had made breakfast while Ralf and the children had done the morning chores. After the meal Ralf had gone off the check the trap lines while Lorain had set the children down for some schooling. Wills was memorizing spelling words with his frog and she was helping Ella work out some math problems when the alert bell went off.

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So here it is, only a year late. Love ya' Erin ;)

The setting sun was bathing Iruian's rooms, and the women in them, in a warm rosy glow.

At one sofa Leia was giving a very pregnant Arwen some tips for getting a fussy baby to sleep through the night while on the other side of the room DG was having her hair done by Inara and Padme.

“This is a lovely room.”

Iruian stood up to greet the new guest. “Welcome, Eowyn.”

“I'm sorry I'm late.” The pale woman said “Farmir was having a bad day and...”

Iruian smiled warmly at her, “It's more then all right. This gathering is suppose to be for our comfort; there are no expectations.”

Eowyn sighed, “It's been a long time since no one's expected anything of me.”

“I understand that.” Iruian put a hand on the other womans arm. “I grew up with both the expectations of my father's court and the Bene Gesserit's planning. It wasn't until I threw off both of them that my life finally gained some peace.”

Eowyn a small smile, “Peace, that would be nice.”

“Well, let's start with some of this tea Inara brought, she said that it's 'Kaylee's special blend'.” Iruian poured two small cup fulls, “But I should warn you, it is strong.”

“I once drank with a dwarf. I'm sure I can handle this.” Eowyn said with her first true smile in a long time.
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It been a while since I last updated this story. ::goes to check:: Yeah, March. So you might need to stop by the Story Index to take reread.

But anyway, here's part 12! Enjoy!

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For all you awesome TM fangirls, a scene from an upcoming chapter of "Somewhere Not Over the Rainbow" (note: this is straight from the page and has not been to Erin yet, now you can see what she has to put up with).

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[ profile] moony_blues asked for "My fandom has wank of DOOM!!!" icons, here they are.

There was also a quote that came out of a... um... "history lesson" on my comm theater.

Fic Idea

Aug. 15th, 2009 05:32 pm
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Okay, [ profile] gatechic's whining has given me an idea. And since I have way more bunnies then I can care for right now, this one is up for adoption.

G's complaint was about the over-abundance of "DG is forced to marry a Duke/Earl/Prince from a neighboring country as a form of alliance" stories.

The bunny had this to say: "If the need for alliance is so great, and most people think that Glitch is in some way Royal, then why not have Glitch be the one forced to marry?"

So, a story, in which Glitch (either in all his wacky Glitchnes or as a re-brained Ambrose) is forced to marry a Lady/Duchess/Princess. Maybe DG (or Az or Cain or Raw) can save him or maybe he goes through with the wedding - just find a way to set this trope on its head.
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Unbeta'd, unre-read, yup, this hot off the press gang.

Note for anyone who didn't see "Star Runners" - wait, what'd ya mean I'm the only one who saw it? Okay then...

Note for everybody: In the Sci-Fi Original Movie "Star Runners" Connor Trinneer wore an outfit that I swear came from the "Farscape" costume department. Also, James Kyson Lee was his side kick - which has nothing to do with this story, but was still cool. "Star Runners" = Trip and Ando fight bugs.

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I should be sleeping but now that I got my muse talking I can't shut her up.

[ profile] erinm_4600 wanted Doug Dorsey and The Queen.

“So there we were, tied 2 - 2, down to the last 30 seconds and they had just gotten a power play. I still don't know how our wing manged to get the puck, but I'll never forget the look on their goalie face when he ripped his mask off after the buzzer.”

“I just can't believe that you play hockey.”


“You're a Queen! You rule a country! You wear a crown! How do you end up playing hockey?”

“I grew up in a palace made of ice, what else was there to do?”

[ profile] moony_blues wanted Alt!Kirk and Han Solo.

“I call dibs on the chick that just walked in.”

“The green one or blue one?”

“The green one.”


“Whoever loses buys the next round.”


“Well, duty calls.”

“See you next week?”

“Yeah. It was nice talking to you.”
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Sign-ups for the RemixRedux7 are now open at [ profile] remixredux09.

I love this challenge!!!!!

But this means I need to get off my butt and finish my TM remix.
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In an attempt to jump start my muse and finish "Somewhere Not Over the Rainbow" I am rewatching "Tin Man".

I'm also taking notes for "Tell Me of Your Yesterdays" because I will finish it, come hell or high water!

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