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Saw this while driving this morning: "Shaffer's Lawn and Handyman Service - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap".

I attended a birth yesterday that had a couple heart quickening moments - nothing bad, but you always have the extreme worst running through the back of your mind.

I joined up with [ profile] thebluebox_lims and you can too!

Artist claims went up at [ profile] het_bigbang and I snagged two, one is Due South, Ray K/Thatcher and the other is NCIS:LA, Kensi/Deeks. I've already made up half a dozen Ray K/Thatcher iocns, but then I've been excited about that story since the first snippet post.

And lastly, I've been reading fic.

A Line Written to Your Summer Dress by [ profile] fated_addiction
Glee | Jesse/Rachel | general spoilers | PG
he told her once they’ll be parallel lines. this is the truth though: it’s never that long.

The Cutting Edge by [ profile] taragel
Battlestar Galactica | Kara/Lee | AU | PG-13, Mild allusions to child abuse
She’s fire. He’s ice. They just might be the perfect match.

Holmes vs. Harkness by [ profile] kikainausagi
Torchwood, Sherlock | Jack, Mycroft | First season TW | PG-13 for brief swearing and mild innuendo
Mycroft has Jack kidnapped for a nice little chat about Torchwood's financials, among other things. Various other characters make appearances, but for once, Captain Jack Harkness doesn't get any.
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Voting is going on for Round Four of the Children of Time awards.

The characters for this round are:
* Classic Who: The Brigadier
* New Who: Donna Noble
* Sarah Jane Adventures: Sarah Jane Smith
* Torchwood: Owen Harper

I've been reading the stories there. Here are my picks. Mostly New Who, due to the fact that all the Torchwood stories have way more sex then the show (and how is that even possible?) and there are only a handful of stories in Sarah Jane.

Tons of fic this way... )
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Here's my list of awesome remix/redux 7 stories. Enjoy and be sure to leave comments, remix stories are super scary to write (side note: my O.A. left me the most amazing comment/praise I've ever had).

First and fore most - Echoes of the Past (The Holographic Businesswoman Remix) [Firefly/Dollhouse; Adelle DeWitt]

02 - Its Own Appointed Limits Keep (The Music of the Voice Remix) [The Little Mermaid; Eric/Ariel]

03 - Persistence of Memory (The Lives of Saints Remix) [Torchwood; Martha + TW team; Canon Pairings]

04 - Afterthought (Selected Writings on Tremors and Other Natural Phenomenon, a Remix) [Firefly; Zoe]

05 - Missing Hawk (The Anger Turned Sideways Remix) (M*A*S*H; Hawkeye; PG-13)

07 - Brush Up Your Shakespeare (The Wild and Whirling Words Remix) [Firefly; River, Wash; g]

08 - Whore (Standard's Not My Native Tongue Megamix), [Star Trek: AOS; Gaila, Uhura]

09 - Steps on the Slow Path (The Brokedown Dancebeat Remix) [Doctor Who; Doctor/Reinette, PG]

10 - The Logical Thing (The Kick in the Pants Remix) [Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock/Chapel]

11 - stretch on forever (the no regrets remix) [Star Wars, Obi-Wan, PG]

12 - Battle (Cast Out the Shadows Mix) [Doctor Who, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler]

13 - Lickety Spit (the Tootsie Pop Remix) [Farscape; John/Aeryn]

14 - Threads (The Fabric of Our Lives Remix) [Firefly; Simon, River]

15 - Ash and Smoke (Retrospective Remix) [Lord of the Rings; Denethor]

16 - 10 Times Sarah Met, Crossed Paths With or Narrowly Avoided Martha Jones (Doctor Who; Martha, Sarah)

17 - Five Lives Elizabeth Swann Never Lived (The Quantum Leap Remix) [PotC; Elizabeth/various; PG]

18 - Nothing is Right (The It's Time To Stop Remix) (Fairy Tales (trad) , Anmaryse)

19 - Matched Set (The Clothes Make the Man Remix) (ST Reboot, Chekov, PG13)

20 - WWD/DD? (What Would Doctor/Dad Do?) (Doctor Who: Jenny, Jack Harkness)
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I really, really, really, REALLY, hope that the season is as awesome as the trailer makes it out to be. If the world ended because the sex alien came back and everyone was to busy bonking to fight, I will be pissed.

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- Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it.

Go outside or read a book or something! )
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Torchwood hits again with another amazing episode.

Torchwood 2x12... )

But no Torchwood next week, poo!
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Small awesome:

Torchwood was freaking awesome!

And Gwen walking in on Jack and Ianto... Naked hide'n'seek indeed.  ::snort::

Big awesome:

OMG! LatteLady is the most awesome EVER!!!!!!!!

Not just for "Making Memories of Us" and other DG/Cain goodness.

Not because there is some truly amazing Donna/Josh stories.

Not for the sweetness that is Rayne.

Nope, the reason for her awesomeness? She has made me believe in Sarah/Jareth. (But there is nothing she can do to bring me 'round to Archer/T'Pol. Trip/T'Pol all the way baby!)
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Well the cheese factor was through the roof, but Jack at the end looking over all his photos...

Oh why JB? Most guys will fall into one or two of the categories, but he takes all four.

Poor little fangirl me. Sigh.
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NOTE: I am starting to post all of my new stories at my creative community - [ profile] palis_delon. I will also be moving some of the old stories there as well.



More stories at [ profile] palis_delon

All My Fancy Painted
PG - Hatter - 897 words
Posted to: [ profile] new_wonderland, Archive of Our Own

Day by Drabbles challenge
PG - Duchess - 8 drabbles
Posted to: [ profile] day_by_drabble

Big Bang Theory

All Aboard
PG - Penny/Sheldon - 885 words
Posted to: [ profile] sheldon_penny, Archive of Our Own,


All stories at [ profile] palis_delon

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Penny Cabllus's Daily Diary
PG - 100 words
Posted to: [ profile] horrible_fic, Archive of Our Own

Doctor Who/Torchwood

All stories at [ profile] palis_delon


All stories at [ profile] palis_delon


More stories at [ profile] palis_delon

A Good Day
PG - Simon/Kaylee - 123 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes, [ profile] ff_fanfic,, Archive of Our Own

Champagne (this story was remixed for the remix/redux 6. Read the remix here)
PG - Simon/Kaylee – 584 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

Happy Anniversary (This story was remixed for Remix: The Drabble round 7. Read the remix here.)
G - Simon/Kaylee – 510 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

Juice (This story was remixed for Remix: The Drabble round 7. Read the remix here.)
G - Simon/Kaylee - 100 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

Let's Play A Love Scene
G - Simon/Kaylee - 139 words
Posted to: [ profile] ff_fanfic

PG - Simon/Kaylee – 553 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

Strongest Suit
G - Inara - 136 words
Posted to: [ profile] ff_fanfic,

House M.D.

All stories at [ profile] palis_delon

Howl's Moving Castle

All stories at [ profile] palis_delon

Iron Man

More stories at [ profile] palis_delon

Song fic challenge
PG - Tony/Pepper - 258 words - 3 drabbles
Posted to: [ profile] tonypepper

Jane Austen

More stories at [ profile] palis_delon

Laughter in the Grass
G - Sense & Sensibility - 117 words

G - Persuasion - 100 words
Posted to: Firthness

Lord of the Rings

All stories at [ profile] palis_delon

Red Dwarf

All stories at [ profile] palis_delon

Robin Hood

I See Queen Mab Hath Been With You
PG-13(for wedding night activity) - Robin/Marian – 2,783 words
Posted to: [ profile] bbc_robinmarian,

Star Trek

More stories at [ profile] palis_delon

G - Spock, Amanda Grayson, Trip/T'Pol - 806 words
Posted to: [ profile] trip_tpol,

I'd Go Mary-Sue For Spock
PG - OFC - 797 words
Posted to: [ profile] trek_fanfiction, [ profile] trek_het

That Which She Craves
PG-13(Innuendo) - Spock/Uhura - 2,150 words
Posted to: [ profile] spock_uhura,


All stories at [ profile] palis_delon

Slings & Arrows

All stories at [ profile] palis_delon

Star Wars

More stories at [ profile] palis_delon

A Little Less Conversation
PG-13(for the removal of clothing to music) - TPM Obi Wan – 533 words
Posted to:

Strictly Ballroom

More stories at [ profile] palis_delon

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
PG - Scott/Fran - 367 words
Posted to:

The Cutting Edge

G - Brian - 100 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

G - Kate - 100 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

PG - Jack - 100 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

G - Anton - 100 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

G - Hale - 100 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

G - Kate - 100 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

G - Doug - 100 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

PG-13 (a bad name) - Kate - 100 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

G - Doug - 200 words
Posted to: [ profile] 10themes,

Winning Isn't Everything
G - Kate/Doug - 356 words

The Guild

Know Your Enemies
G - Fawkes - 200 words

Tin Man

A Peep Into The Future
G - DG/Cain - 780 words
Posted to: [ profile] dg_cain,

PG-13(Bad words and implied adult activates)- Cain/Adora - 2,667 words
Posted to: [ profile] mr_and_mrs_cain

Crack!Fic for kseda
R(Sex)- Queen/Zero - 639 words

From That Day I Was Her's
PG - Ambrose/Queen - 7,836 words
Posted to: [ profile] queenandcounsel

Hardly a Hero - A "Lyrical" story
PG - DG/Cain - 604 words
Posted to:

He and the Boy
G - Zero - 1,103 words

Hot and Cold (Memory Mix) (This story was written for the Tin Man Remix. Read the story it was based on here.)
PG-13(Sex) - DG/Cain - 574 words.
Posted to: [ profile] tinman_remix

How to Score a Threesome Without really Trying (Colors of the Rainbow Remix) (This story was written for the Tin Man Remix. Read the story it was based on here.)
PG-13 (Sex, Swearing) - Queen/Ambrose/Ahamo, Peacock - 624 words.
Posted to: [ profile] tinman_remix

Kiss Me Like This - A "Lyrical" story.
PG - DG/Cain – 1,066 words
Posted to: [ profile] dg_cain,

Learn to Do It - A "Lyrical" story.
G - DG/Cain - 1,014 words
Posted to: [ profile] dg_cain,

Reading is Fun
R(Almost sexing)- OC/OC - 496 words
Posted to:

Raise a Little Cain
PG-13(Bad words, Innuendo)- DG/Cain – 4,581 words
Posted to: [ profile] dg_cain

Somewhere Not Over the Rainbow
PG-13(suggestive thought/situations) - DG/Cain - Seventeen Parts
Posted to: [ profile] tinman_fic, [ profile] dg_cain,, Archive of Our Own

Reproduction - A "Lyrical" story.
PG-13(Innuendo)- Gen - 820 words

The Letter - A "Lyrical" story.
PG - One sided DG/Cain - 225 words
Posted to:

Ticks - A "Lyrical" story.
PG-13(Innuendo)- DG/Cain – 427 words
Posted to: [ profile] dg_cain,

What Can You Lose - A "Lyrical" story.
PG - DG/Cain - 402 words

What's In A Name - (This story was part of the Tin Man Remix. You can read the remix here.)
PG - DG/OC - 801 words

Whiskey Lullaby - A "Lyrical" story.
PG-13(Mention of suicide)- DG/Cain - 323 words
Posted to: [ profile] dg_cain,

Wonderful Guy - A "Lyrical" story.
PG - DG/Cain - 583 words
Posted to: [ profile] dg_cain,


Angerwhite (At Times Remix) (This was written for the Remix/Redux 2. Sadly the story it was based on is no longer available.)
PG - Kurt/Storm – 359 words
Posted to: RemixRedux,

Dance Class (this story was part of the remix/redux 2. Sadly the story that was written for it is no longer available.)
PG-13(Sexy thoughts) - Rouge/Wolverine – 1,313 words
Posted to: RemixRedux,

Death or Worse
G - Rouge/Wolverine – 117 words
Posted to: WRFA,

Movie Night 1 - "No Talking"
PG-13(A bad word) – 159 words
Posted to: WRFA,

Movie Night 2 - "Movie Night"
PG – 341 words
Posted to: WRFA,

Movie Night 3 - "Cruse"ing"
PG-13(Bad word) – 502 words
Posted to: WRFA,

Unbrake My Heart
PG-13(Drama and the situations that go with it) - Rouge/Wolverine – 8,432 words
Posted to: WRFA,

Cross Overs

Echos of the Past
PG-13(Mention of suicide)- Serenity/Dollhouse - 125 words (this story was remixed for the remix/redux 7. Read the remix here.)
Posted to: [ profile] crossoverfic, [ profile] ff_fanfic,

Guy Group Series
PG-13(Bad words)- Tin Man/Firefly/Doctor Who/Star Wars/LotR/Dune/Grease 2/Robin Hood(BBC)/Farscape/ect - 4 stories, 1 drabble, a video and a huge music mix
Posted to: [ profile] crossoverfic, [ profile] ff_fanfic - Recommended at [ profile] tmcrossovers,

In The End
PG – Tin Man/Flash Gordon - 165 words
Posted to: [ profile] crossoverfic, [ profile] ff_fanfic - Recommended at [ profile] tmcrossovers

Love is Blind, But Heart Break is Deafening
G - Jake 2.0/Covert Affairs - 200 words

Somewhere That's Green
PG - Heroes/Little Shop of Horrors - 339 words
Posted to: [ profile] crossoverfic

Crossover Drabble Meme
Tin Man/The Cutting Edge - 100 words
Star Trek/Star Wars - 50 words

Down the Rabbet Hole
G - Eureka/Warehouse 13 - 586 words
Posted to:


Tin Man

Tell Me Of Your Yesterdays – Eight chapters posted – 12,895
Posted to:

The Phantom of The Opera

An Unexpected Song – Two chapters posted – 3,157
Posted to:

Updated 10/19/11
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25 hours until the sign-up dead line and I only need 559 more words!

(maybe it's a good thing that i haven't been able to download this weeks Torchwood.     Nah, I need me my Cap'n Jack)
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Fandoms and 'Ships That I've Written (or am plotting) Fic For:
Alice – Alice/Hatter, Duchess/Jack
American Girls – Felicity/Ben
Battlestar Galatica – Kara/Lee
Big Bang Theory - Penny/Sheldon
Bourne Supremacy
Community - Jeff/Annie
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Doctor Who/Torchwood - Rose/Ten, Donna/One
Downton Abbey
Due South
Enchanted - Edward/Nancy
Eureka - Jo/Zane
Fairy Tales
Firefly – Kaylee/Simon, Jayne/River
Hornblower - Horatio/Maria
House – House/Cameron
Howl's Moving Castle - Howl/Sophie (more book 'verse)
Iron Man – Tony/Pepper
Jake 2.0 – Jake/Diane
Jane Austen - Emma/Knightly, Miss Bates/Mr. Woodhouse (Emma), Anne/Wentworth (Per), Elizabeth/Darcy (P&P)
Little Giants - Becky/JR
Little Shop of Horrors
Lord of the Rings RPF (it was for a challenge)
M*A*S*H (tv show)
Red Dwarf
Road to Avonlea – Felicity/Gus
Robin Hood - Robin/Marian
Shakespeare - Juliet/Paris (R&J)
She's the Man
Sherlock - Sherlock/Molly
Slings & Arrows
Smash - Derek/Karen
Star Trek - Trip/T'Pol (Ent), Spock/Uhura, Spock/Mary-Sue (XI)
Star Wars - Obi Wan/Padma
Stargate: SG1 - Sam/Jack
Strictly Ballroom – Scott/Fran
The 10th Kingdom – Wolf/Virgina
The Court Jester
The Cutting Edge
The Guild - Codex/Fawkes
The Phantom of the Opera
The Secret Garden
The West Wing – Josh/Donna, Sam/Ansley
Tin Man - DG/Cain, Ambrose/Askadelia, Cain/Adora, Queen/Zero, Ambrose/Queen
Thumbalina (Cartoon)
Twin Peaks - Audrey/Cooper
Veronica Mars
Warehouse 13
X-Men – Wolverine/Rouge (movie 'verse)

Fandoms and 'Ships That I Read Fic In:
AEon Flux – Aeon/Trevor (movie 'verse)
Anne of Green Gables– Anna/Gil
Beauty and the Beast (in all it's forms)
Being Erica - Erica/Kai
Bourne series - Jason/Nicky
Chronicles of Narnia
Doctor Who - Ten/Rose, Eight/Rose, Eight/Abby(NCIS),
Dollhouse - Paul/Melly
Downton Abby - Mary/Matthew
Ever After
Glee - Rachel/Jessie
Hairspray – Link/Tracy
Harry Potter - Hermione/Snape
How I Met Your Mother - Robin/Barney
Inception - Aurthur/Ariadne
Labyrinth - Sarah/Jareth
Leverage - Parker/Eliot
Little Women - Jo/Laurie
MirrorMask - Valentine/Helena
Never Been Kissed
North & South - Margret/John
Phantom of the Opera – Erik/Christine, Erik/Meg
Peter Pan – Peter/Wendy (the 2003 movie mostly)
Pirates of the Caribbean - Elizabeth/Will, Elizabeth/Norrington
Poldark - Demelza/Ross
Robin Hood – Robin/Marian (Any Version), Marian/Guy (BBC)
Sherlock - Molly/Jim
Star Trek – Trip/T'Pol (Ent), Kirk/Rand (TOS), Riker/Troi (TNG), Basher/Palis Delon (DS9), Kirk/Rand, McCoy/Chapel, Spock/Uhura (XI)
Star Wars – Han/Leia, Obi Wan/Padma
The Princess Bride – Wesley/Buttercup
The Scarlet Pimpernel – Percy/Marguerite
The Secret Garden – Mary/Dickon
Troy - Achilles/Briseis

Fandoms and 'Ships That I Just Watch/Read and Love:
A Little Princess (book and movies)
Eureka – Jack/Allison
Farscape – John/Aeryn
Flash Gordon(tv) – Flash/Aura, Flash/Baylin, Zarkov/Baylin
Frasier - Niles/Daphnie
Game of Thrones
Grease 2 – Stephine/Michale
Greek – Cappie/Casey
Heroes - Peter/Clair
Higher Ground
Jekyll - Jackman/Clare/Hyde (bbc mini-series)
Keen Eddie
La Femme Nikita – Nikita/Michael
NCIS/LA - Tony/Ziva, Kensi/Deaks, Nate/Nell
Ocean's 11
Sabrina - Sabrina/Harvey
Simply Irresistible – Amanda/Tom
Sky Captain – Joe/Polly
The Librarians
The Neverending Story (book and movies)

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