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Question for the West Wing Freaks on my f-list ('cus I'm sure one of you will know the answer).

Was Danny around when the whole "Josh music triggered PTSD" thing went down?

Also, I know there was the one episode where the crew went to the opera, but were there other music type events?

Stupid left brain is demanding facts while the right brain screams "just write the story already!"
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Back in the summer Doctor Who had just ended and BBCA was starting to air Battlestar Galactic and my dad and I said, "Why not?"

So we watched the mini-series and that was awesome and every Saturday night was another two episodes, so now it's Feb and we're nearing the end of season 3 and things have started to bug me.

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Icon Post!

Aug. 20th, 2011 11:31 am
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So even though I haven't been writing anything here, I have been doing this and that to keep me from going crazy with my school.

Here's a ton of icons that I've made.

7 Brendan Fraser (made for the Small Movie Challenge Comm)
44 Sci-Fi/Fantasy (made for an icon battle)
18 Doctor Who

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Day 17 - A pairing you thought would never work out, but did?
Josh/Donna “The West Wing”

I came into this fandom halfway through; the first episode I ever saw was "Inauguration: Over There" where Josh (along with Toby, Will, Charlie and Danny) throws snowballs at Donna's window.

I rented the DVD's from the library and caught up with all the great Josh/Donna UST from the first four seasons.

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Old Fandom - West Wing

Toby: "Josh was hit."
Donna: "Hit with what?"

OMG, it still gets me.

New Fandom - Community
I've made two videos, with a third and fourth in the works.

I've also got two stories in the works, one of which is set in the Flash Forward universe. I'm posting the first bit here. So for my fellow Community fans, tell me yeah or nay.

Fic can be found here
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- Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it.

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Snagged from [personal profile] erinm_4600, 'cus she is awesome!

1. List your top seven ships
2. Put all of them in order of your love for them; 7 to 1, 1 being your favorite.
3. Name their fandom.
4. Supply photos for said people.
5. Tag seven people:
You, you, you, her, her and them.

And yes, I am kind of cheating. :P
Also, I will add photos later.

That I Watch
1. Jack/Allison - Eureka
2. Doug/Kate – The Cutting Edge
3. Trip/T'Pol – Star Trek: Enterprise
4. Westley/Buttercup – The Princess Bride
5. Josh/Donna – The West Wing
6. Josie/Sam – Never Been Kissed
7. House/Cameron – House M.D.

That I Read
1. Jayne/River - Firefly
2. Hermione/Snape – Harry Potter
3. Billy/Penny – Dr. Horrrible's Sing-Along Blog
4. Jake/Diane – Jake 2.0
5. Erik/Meg – The Phantom of the Opera
6. Marieann/Brandon – Sense & Sensibility

That I Write
1. Anne/Wentworth – Persuasion
2. Logan/Marie aka Wolverine/Rouge - X-Men
3. D.G./Cain – Tin Man
4. Elizabeth/Darcy – Pride & Prejudice
5. Simon/Kaylee – Firefly
6. Rose/Ten – Doctor Who
7. Emma/Knightly - Emma

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Since there was a slump in DG/Cain fiction I went on an archive crawl. After a day of reading at The National Library (By the way, ScullyAsTrinity rocks!) I had a major craving for West Wing. For the last three days I've been mega-dosing on season 7.

I got home from the theater about 20 minutes ago and popped in disc 5 and I really need to say a few things.

"Yeah for Lou snarking Otto!"

"Yeah for Donna's back!"

"Yeah for Josh's into-the-boxers dance!"

"Yeah for Donna's bed head!"

Yeah for Josh sucking on tooth paste!"

"Yeah for de-stressing!!!!"

"Yeah for Josh's chest!"
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Small awesome:

Torchwood was freaking awesome!

And Gwen walking in on Jack and Ianto... Naked hide'n'seek indeed.  ::snort::

Big awesome:

OMG! LatteLady is the most awesome EVER!!!!!!!!

Not just for "Making Memories of Us" and other DG/Cain goodness.

Not because there is some truly amazing Donna/Josh stories.

Not for the sweetness that is Rayne.

Nope, the reason for her awesomeness? She has made me believe in Sarah/Jareth. (But there is nothing she can do to bring me 'round to Archer/T'Pol. Trip/T'Pol all the way baby!)
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Fandoms and 'Ships That I've Written (or am plotting) Fic For:
Alice – Alice/Hatter, Duchess/Jack
American Girls – Felicity/Ben
Battlestar Galatica – Kara/Lee
Big Bang Theory - Penny/Sheldon
Bourne Supremacy
Community - Jeff/Annie
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Doctor Who/Torchwood - Rose/Ten, Donna/One
Downton Abbey
Due South
Enchanted - Edward/Nancy
Eureka - Jo/Zane
Fairy Tales
Firefly – Kaylee/Simon, Jayne/River
Hornblower - Horatio/Maria
House – House/Cameron
Howl's Moving Castle - Howl/Sophie (more book 'verse)
Iron Man – Tony/Pepper
Jake 2.0 – Jake/Diane
Jane Austen - Emma/Knightly, Miss Bates/Mr. Woodhouse (Emma), Anne/Wentworth (Per), Elizabeth/Darcy (P&P)
Little Giants - Becky/JR
Little Shop of Horrors
Lord of the Rings RPF (it was for a challenge)
M*A*S*H (tv show)
Red Dwarf
Road to Avonlea – Felicity/Gus
Robin Hood - Robin/Marian
Shakespeare - Juliet/Paris (R&J)
She's the Man
Sherlock - Sherlock/Molly
Slings & Arrows
Smash - Derek/Karen
Star Trek - Trip/T'Pol (Ent), Spock/Uhura, Spock/Mary-Sue (XI)
Star Wars - Obi Wan/Padma
Stargate: SG1 - Sam/Jack
Strictly Ballroom – Scott/Fran
The 10th Kingdom – Wolf/Virgina
The Court Jester
The Cutting Edge
The Guild - Codex/Fawkes
The Phantom of the Opera
The Secret Garden
The West Wing – Josh/Donna, Sam/Ansley
Tin Man - DG/Cain, Ambrose/Askadelia, Cain/Adora, Queen/Zero, Ambrose/Queen
Thumbalina (Cartoon)
Twin Peaks - Audrey/Cooper
Veronica Mars
Warehouse 13
X-Men – Wolverine/Rouge (movie 'verse)

Fandoms and 'Ships That I Read Fic In:
AEon Flux – Aeon/Trevor (movie 'verse)
Anne of Green Gables– Anna/Gil
Beauty and the Beast (in all it's forms)
Being Erica - Erica/Kai
Bourne series - Jason/Nicky
Chronicles of Narnia
Doctor Who - Ten/Rose, Eight/Rose, Eight/Abby(NCIS),
Dollhouse - Paul/Melly
Downton Abby - Mary/Matthew
Ever After
Glee - Rachel/Jessie
Hairspray – Link/Tracy
Harry Potter - Hermione/Snape
How I Met Your Mother - Robin/Barney
Inception - Aurthur/Ariadne
Labyrinth - Sarah/Jareth
Leverage - Parker/Eliot
Little Women - Jo/Laurie
MirrorMask - Valentine/Helena
Never Been Kissed
North & South - Margret/John
Phantom of the Opera – Erik/Christine, Erik/Meg
Peter Pan – Peter/Wendy (the 2003 movie mostly)
Pirates of the Caribbean - Elizabeth/Will, Elizabeth/Norrington
Poldark - Demelza/Ross
Robin Hood – Robin/Marian (Any Version), Marian/Guy (BBC)
Sherlock - Molly/Jim
Star Trek – Trip/T'Pol (Ent), Kirk/Rand (TOS), Riker/Troi (TNG), Basher/Palis Delon (DS9), Kirk/Rand, McCoy/Chapel, Spock/Uhura (XI)
Star Wars – Han/Leia, Obi Wan/Padma
The Princess Bride – Wesley/Buttercup
The Scarlet Pimpernel – Percy/Marguerite
The Secret Garden – Mary/Dickon
Troy - Achilles/Briseis

Fandoms and 'Ships That I Just Watch/Read and Love:
A Little Princess (book and movies)
Eureka – Jack/Allison
Farscape – John/Aeryn
Flash Gordon(tv) – Flash/Aura, Flash/Baylin, Zarkov/Baylin
Frasier - Niles/Daphnie
Game of Thrones
Grease 2 – Stephine/Michale
Greek – Cappie/Casey
Heroes - Peter/Clair
Higher Ground
Jekyll - Jackman/Clare/Hyde (bbc mini-series)
Keen Eddie
La Femme Nikita – Nikita/Michael
NCIS/LA - Tony/Ziva, Kensi/Deaks, Nate/Nell
Ocean's 11
Sabrina - Sabrina/Harvey
Simply Irresistible – Amanda/Tom
Sky Captain – Joe/Polly
The Librarians
The Neverending Story (book and movies)
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This is something I've been working over in my mind for almost two weeks now: I'm an adult.

Yes, I've held this status for awhile, but when your mom and her friend openly talk about sex in front of you (and not talking to you about sex, but just daily husband/wife type relations) you know that you've hit a high mark.

Like I said, two weeks ago me, my mom, and her friend go to see "Dreamgirls" (good movie) and on the way there mom and friend start talking about some other woman they both know who's been struggling with depression. The next thing I hear is "She said that Jim (woman's husband) has never been a really sensitive lover". They're going on about the fact that sex isn't like in the movies, and things in a guys life can affect sex, and as a guy gets older sex becomes less important, and I'm trying not to pass out in the backseat.

I thought I'd done all the 'adult check points", but this... this I was sooooooo not ready for.

And in the meantime, I'm cranky because I can't login to my favorite web forum. Firthness did some major revamping over the holidays and ever since I've been going nuts. First I could only login when I used Internet Explorer, then I could use Firefox, now I can't login at all!

GHAAA! Okay, I'm typing this and hear a loud boom from downstairs. my Mom got home and turned on the TV and the TV fell off the shelf. She's okay, how she managed to not get squashed by the thing I don't know, but the TV now has a red haze over the picture. And that's pretty much par for the course this week.

Saturday I got a letter from the village saying that I can't run a business out of my home. I have what, three girls come over for ballet lessons? But, if I don't charge a fee, then I can do whatever I want in my house.

Okay, lets end this post on an upbeat note, JenWilson is an amazing fanfic writer I came across two years ago on the Josh&Donna (West Wing) list. The other day I suddenly had this craving to reread one of her stories. You can read her stuff at

Doogie Thought: Sometimes it takes a TV being dropped into your life to find out what's really important.

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