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Doctor Who and the star of doom
Astronomer Dr Megan Argo was working at Jodrell Bank with an international team that detected a powerful jet of energy from a star exploding in a distant galaxy as a catastrophic supernova. The breakthrough is being officially announced in heavily technical language to the world of science today by the journal Nature. But Megan, 28, a keen fan of British scifi favourite Doctor Who decided to write it up as a fan-fiction adventure to bring home the excitement of the team's finding to ordinary people.

Rest of the article here

Show me the Fan Fic!!!
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The true test of the Doctor Who faithful, which version of Winnie the Witch...

[Poll #1502469]

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In 1979...

Star Trek

She is a thing of beauty. And there is this wonderful moment at 5:37, that is the look of a man in love. Sigh!
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So I watched "Collision" with my dad the other day. It was a Masterpiece Theater production staring Paul McGann and Lucy Giffith.

Since I don't want to write the Eight/Marian plot bunny that had hopped into my head, I went over to "A Teaspoon and an Open Mind" in the hopes that simply reading some Eight stories would be enough.

Behold the awesomeness that is the "Rebel Yell" series!

"Pardon me: I don't mean to be rude but could you possibly tell me where I am?"

The man was dressed like Oscar Wilde, with romantic curls falling to the shoulders of his green velvet frock coat and a grey silk cravat tucked into a matching waistcoat. He was also standing in front of a large, old-fashioned blue phone booth with the words "Police Box" over the door, like something you might find in an old British movie.

Abby Sciuto loved Oscar Wilde and old British movies.
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One of my NaNoWriMo "Project Work in Progress" stories.

Thanks go out to the amazing [ profile] cincoflex who created the term, Koltarkta, and graciously let me use it. If you think Spock/Uhura is hot, you should check out her Trip/T'Pol stories.

I also want to thank the amazing folks at the Vulcan Language Dictionary. With out all their hard work, this story would have never happened.

There was always a thrill that comes with opening a new book.

For Cadet Uhura the thrill was intensified by that fact that the book was written in a different language. She fell back on her bed and drunk in the first line.

plak'tow shoret katau la' – Koltarkta

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I've hit the half-way mark for word count and I just finished another story! Go me!

Word count: 27,519
Story count: 6/18
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A few months ago Wil Wheaton blogged about a cool book he found called "Shatnerquake". Bill Shatner has to battle every character he's ever played.

Well, today the author is holding a one day give away. All he asks is that once you've read it, to post a review - at Amazon, or your blog, or whatever review site you may know.

Go to the author's blog to download it.
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This is mostly for my own records, but if you want to do it too, go a head.

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I really, really, really, REALLY, hope that the season is as awesome as the trailer makes it out to be. If the world ended because the sex alien came back and everyone was to busy bonking to fight, I will be pissed.

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Happy birthday to Sir Edward Elgar, born this day 1857.

Also born today, but in 1977, Zachary Quinto.

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I'm at the Tram and it's awesome.

There's a Princess Leia, a white dress Padama, a blue skin dancing girl from Jabba's.

And a four foot tall crape paper Jabba!!!

EDIT 1: Slave girl Leia!

EDIT 2: There was "Random Star Wars Crap" - Robot Chicken, Troopers and other SW humor. Now It's Picture Time With Jabba!

EDIT 3: For your enjoyment, The Jedi Drinking Song


EDIT 5: And popcorn!

EDIT 6: It was the original version - which means Han shot first!!!
Watching this with other Star Wars fans was such a blast.

Bed now.
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Okay kiddies, gather 'round and I'll tell you a story.

Everything has a beginning,: blues music, pizza, fireworks, fanfiction cliche.

This story is about the last on the list.

History... )

Rant... )
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Even before the movie I've been saying that "Heroes" is really "Star Trek: The Reunion".

I now ('cus I'm board) give you the list:

Michael Dorn - President of the U.S. - Worf, son of Mogh (ST:TNG, ST: DS9, ST7-10), Colonel Worf (ST6)
George Takei - Kaito Nakamura - Hikaru Sulu (ST: TOS, ST:TAS, ST1-6, ST:VOY, ST:TNV)
Nichelle Nichols - Nana Dawson - Nyota Uhura (ST: TOS, ST:TAS, ST1-6, ST:GaM, ST:TNV)
Dominic Keating - Will(Irish mobster) - Malcolm Reed (ST:ENT)
Zachary Quinto - Sylar - Spock (Star Trek Reboot)
Greg Grunberg - Matt Parkman - Kirk's Step Dad (Star Trek Reboot)
Cristine Rose - Angela Petrelli - Gi'ral (ST: TNG)
Malcolm McDowell - Linderman - Dr. Tolian Soran (ST7)
Thomas Dekker - Zach (Claire's Friend) - Henry Burleigh (ST:VOY), Thomas Picard (ST7)
Josh Clark - Sheriff - Lt. Joe Carey (ST:VOY), Conn officer (ST: TNG)
Erick Avari - Chandra Suresh - Jamin (ST:ENT), Vedek Yarka (ST:DS9), B'Ijik (ST:TNG)
Ken Lally - The German - Lt. Taylor (ST:ENT)

There were five others, but they only had one episode of Heroes and one episode of Trek and no named roles.
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HA HA HA!This is why I love RandomGuy and Gal!

"Remember: if we do nothing, McConaughey wins."

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Tonight "Dollhouse" will be postponed for the watching of "Gettysburg: The Battle That Changed America" and "Gettysburg: The Speech That Saved America".
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Hello, my baby
Hello, my honey
Hello, my ragtime gal

Send me a kiss by wire
Baby, my hearts on fire

If you refuse me
Honey, you'll lose me
Then you'll be left alone

Oh baby, telephone
And tell me I'm your own


Everybody do the Michigan rag
Everybody likes the Michigan rag

Every babe
And Jane
And Ruth

They're all
Walking to Deluth

Slide, ride, fly to Michigan
Stomp, romp, hop to Michigan
Jump, hop, up to Michigan Rag

That lovin' rag
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Moony's talk about an old website prompted me to take a look at mine.

::head wall::

I put so much work into them and they were so cool at the time, but now... wow!

If anyone is board:
The Star Palace - My personal site
For The Love of Foof - A fanfic index I ran.

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