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[ profile] erinm_4600, I'm a horrible friend who got you nothing for your birthday but this gif...

...I hope you still love me anyway.

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So I've been kind of an idiot and forgot (for a year) to post the rest of this.

::looks around:: Please don't hurt me.

If you need to catch up on what's gone down so far, there's the story index.

A big thanks goes to the most awesomest beta in the word, [ profile] erinm_4600. Every one should shower her in chocolate and tatter tots and what ever else she wants 'cus she's that awesome (and her birthday is coming).

For the last four annuals, her cover was as a Madam in the Sin District... )
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I owe this to [ profile] erinm_4600, who gave me green.

Comment and I'll give you a color. Then in your journal, post ten things of that color that you like. (I'll only give you a color if you specifically ask for one, so feel free to comment even if you don't want to do this meme!)

10 -

Green in two ways, the Prius is one of the most comfortable cars I've driven. Tons of leg room, and for someone who's 6'1" that's very important.

09 - Snapple Mint Iced Tea

I loved this stuff, but sadly, it is no more.

Cut to save your f-list from the photos... )
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So here it is, only a year late. Love ya' Erin ;)

The setting sun was bathing Iruian's rooms, and the women in them, in a warm rosy glow.

At one sofa Leia was giving a very pregnant Arwen some tips for getting a fussy baby to sleep through the night while on the other side of the room DG was having her hair done by Inara and Padme.

“This is a lovely room.”

Iruian stood up to greet the new guest. “Welcome, Eowyn.”

“I'm sorry I'm late.” The pale woman said “Farmir was having a bad day and...”

Iruian smiled warmly at her, “It's more then all right. This gathering is suppose to be for our comfort; there are no expectations.”

Eowyn sighed, “It's been a long time since no one's expected anything of me.”

“I understand that.” Iruian put a hand on the other womans arm. “I grew up with both the expectations of my father's court and the Bene Gesserit's planning. It wasn't until I threw off both of them that my life finally gained some peace.”

Eowyn a small smile, “Peace, that would be nice.”

“Well, let's start with some of this tea Inara brought, she said that it's 'Kaylee's special blend'.” Iruian poured two small cup fulls, “But I should warn you, it is strong.”

“I once drank with a dwarf. I'm sure I can handle this.” Eowyn said with her first true smile in a long time.
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I should be sleeping but now that I got my muse talking I can't shut her up.

[ profile] erinm_4600 wanted Doug Dorsey and The Queen.

“So there we were, tied 2 - 2, down to the last 30 seconds and they had just gotten a power play. I still don't know how our wing manged to get the puck, but I'll never forget the look on their goalie face when he ripped his mask off after the buzzer.”

“I just can't believe that you play hockey.”


“You're a Queen! You rule a country! You wear a crown! How do you end up playing hockey?”

“I grew up in a palace made of ice, what else was there to do?”

[ profile] moony_blues wanted Alt!Kirk and Han Solo.

“I call dibs on the chick that just walked in.”

“The green one or blue one?”

“The green one.”


“Whoever loses buys the next round.”


“Well, duty calls.”

“See you next week?”

“Yeah. It was nice talking to you.”
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A drabble to pick up your day (Mostly for Erin, cus she's stuck in a cold waiting room).



I am so bad just to leave it at that moment ::evil laugh::

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"Steve, the awesome, and his side-kick Wyatt" (working title, it may change)
Written at the prompting of Steve,

[personal profile] erinm_4600's plot papay.



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It's THUDsday and [ profile] erinm_4600 has given us the wonder that is Brendan Fraser.

The women who says "You lucky thing.", that's his wife.
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No I haven't seen the movie yet. But it it THUDSday and [personal profile] erinm_4600 has Indy as today's THUD.


NPR's "In Character" - Indiana Jones: Saving History or Stealing It?

at the top of the page is a link to the audio. If you can, listen rather then read.
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[personal profile] erinm_4600 is made of squee and win and awesome and all kind of other good things.

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