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It's been over a year since I've really done any icon making, but there's nothing like a good kick in the paint to get back in the game!

Come join in the fun!
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Since I got so much writing done last weekend thanks to [ profile] fic_rush_48 today I'm going to do a mini rush!

If anyone else is writing this weekend and wants to join in my madness feel free to post an update in one of the comment threads below.
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I have this nasty throat crud, with a headache and pimples sprouting up all over - ick!

But other then that I've had a very busy month, creative wise.

I wrote:
8 drabbles (BSG, Due South, Sleeping Beauty, Tin Man)
3 stories (BSG, The West Wing)

I made 54 icons!!!

You can find links to everything at the April Round-Up Post at [ profile] palis_delon
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Yeah, so I took my idea from the other day and ran with it.

Check it out at [ profile] small_movies_fc, drop by the actor love thread and maybe even write a fic!

This months actor is Brendan Fraser.

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I've had the flu for the last three days, so I've ended up on the sofa watching reruns of Star Trek.

I really do like Star Trek. Picard is awesome, Spock is laughing at everyone behind there backs and Trip/T'Pol are the best couple of all time.

In March madness news:

Thoughts on last night's Big Bang Theory... )
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I should be studying, I know it, you know it, Sherlock knows it.

But the second round closes in two hours and OMG! What is going on?!

Kurt is kicking butt, so yey! But all the other races (that I care about) are super close.

Troy is leading but only 342 votes.

Sheldon is leading by 297.
Castle is ahead by 200.
Neal is leading by 197 - 197 people!!!
Eleven has only 139 vote more. Vote for the fez!

Chandler is ahead by 200, now I don't watch either of these shows but as someone posted, "Did we fall through a wormhole back to the 90's?"

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I caught "Little Women" on TV this afternoon (Fun Fact: There was a huge outcry when the story was first published over the fact that Jo didn't end up with Laurie. So much so that LMA decided to have Jo and Laurie get married after all... to Bhear and Amy.), which put me into the mood for some old school Christian Bale.

I had such a crush on him back in the day, and is it really any wonder...

Cut for a ton of youtube clips... )

Fandom March Madness is owning my soul.
Sherlock beat out Sybil Crawley which make me both happy (cus I love Sherlock) and sad (cus I picked Sybil for the pool).

Neal Caffrey is neck and neck with Scully, and I know she's Scully and awesome (I didn't even watch the show and I know how awesome she is), but he's Neal FREAKING Caffrey!!!

Kurt Hummle is beating the snot out of Pacey and that makes me very happy.

So in conclusion...

And just after I posted my big bang challenge over at [ profile] spy_land, the next challenge came out and it was a fanmix ::face palm::

I didn't even really try for this one, but hey points are points.
Cover and track listing under here... )
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I love [ profile] typicrobots like mad, but the bracket this year is killing me.

Oh sure, there have been times in past years when my heart broke a little, but that happened at the 8 and 4 level match ups, not in the FIRST ROUND!!!

There are only two shows that I watch on the teen side, so why must Cappie be going up against Kurt?! And in drama... Oh my poor Sherlock, I love you so, but Sybil Crawly is going to own you. Add to that the now annual Sophie's Choice of Doctor vs. Mal and I am a very sad little fangirl.

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Books. I could give up tv, the internet, chocolate, but never books.
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On Feb. 25th 2005 I was ranting about Ward Churchill.

I averaged about 2 post a month for the first five months, then there was a 13 month brake.
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Yeah, so in my attempt to put off writing anything I started to reorganize my tags.

I found I use the "rant" tag a lot.

But I think this new way might make it easier to find things.


Also: can anyone tell me how to change my comment default? I've been trying to change it for a week now, but I just can't find where.

Ice cream now!!!!

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