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I've been on a real book crazy lately - averaging a book a day for the last few weeks!

Maybe it's to distract from the fact that my life is starting to stagnate again. Blah...
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SO I guess I'm updating once a month now?

The apprenticeship continues to go well; I've been moving through the skill testing portion and am taking on more responsibility - I even helped with a catch (it was hour 26 and we didn't think mom was ready to push so I was left alone, then I started to see the head and was stuck in a spot where I couldn't move)!

One of the reasons I haven't been spend much time on LJ is because this program has a tuition, which I've been trading for yard work. It works out to 13 hours a week that I have to fit in around prenatals and births, so my free time has gone down to almost zero.

However... you could help me get back some of that free time! I've posted a crowd-funding campaign to help raise the cost of one year of apprenticeship.

I'm also trying to keep up with a video blog about my time in Utah.

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Mar. 15th, 2013 03:59 pm
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Life is boring, this gif makes me giggle for hours.

This is all.
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Hey there LJ, I'm still alive!

There's not much to report, school and birth center and housework and more school and a few births and more school.

I've got a blog strictly for posting about apprenticeship/midwifery/birth type things at: and I've done two posts in the last weeks.

The learning curve of the new apprenticeship/birth center/family/town has left me almost zero time for anything else. I haven't even thought about watching TV in over a week - although I have kept up on The LBD and I have thoughts on the vilification of Caroline (not a new thing in JA adaptions/fanfic) and the tap dance the writers are doing trying to tie everything up, but I have no time to lay these thoughts out in a coherent manner.

So that's my new life - very monotone, very focused, very lonely.
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'Shire Thing #8 - While there are trees EVERYWHERE in New Hampshire, they are all new growth. I knew that it was timber from the colonies that built the amazing navy that made Great Britain a superpower, but I didn't realize that almost all of New England had been clear cut to do so.

On The Writing Front - "Cylon of the Opera" (and I really need a new title for it) will be probably end up being a three part epic. Today I wrote a scene which tied my two chunks together, meaning I have 2/3 of the first part written.

And now I'm starting to doubt the whole thing.

I have really messed with Kara's back story and am changing how she copes with things, playing up the religious side (which I am making up or pulling from the Battlestar Wiki because I've never seen "Caprica").

But what if I've changed her too much?

Starbuck is a kick-ass, take-no-shit, kind of woman, Christine Daae was an immature girl who always had a strong male presence in her life to rely on. Forget apples and oranges, these two are apples and staircase carpet.

On The Baby Front - We've had 3 of the 6 babies so far, with two babies due anytime (our biggest fear is that they'll go at the same time).
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I won't say that yesterday was bad, but it sure was long.

It started at 2:00am with a call to a birth. The baby was born at 2:58am and I was home by 6:00. I got a two hour nap, a shower, and then left for a meeting with a client about postpartum work.

Then came the really long part of the day. My Midwife's sister needed to move her cat from Boston, so I was asked if I would mind driving them. Sure I said. Hour there, hour back, easy I said. And I was right, getting there took an hour and was easy.

(Side Note: I got off at exit 26 and my first thought was "Boston smells like popcorn".)

Then we started to make our way towards Concord -- along the entire Redneck population of New England.

Apparently it's NASCAR weekend in Loudon.

It took me nearly FOUR hours to get home.
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Last week I saw "One Day" with Anne Hathaway and there was one part where she had this cute pixie cut.

And it reminded me of Audrey Hepburn.

And my hair has just been annoying me lately, but I don't know if I really want to go that short...

or if I'd even look good with a pixie cut...

or bangs...

Gha! But the hair is so annoying I'm ready to just grab the first pair of scissors I can find and hack it off so it isn't flopping around.
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I finished "Battlestar Galatica" today.

Even though I knew what was in store, after Lee turned around and Kara was gone I spent five minutes yelling "WHAT?" at my tv.

My Dad did too.

And just before that Mom wandered in, asked who the guy in the tub was and, upon learning it was Sam and he was about to jump into the sun, then said "So this means that she can go off and be with what's-his name... the Adama kid like she was suppose to".
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I did some sewing today, go me!

I also got most of my books for this and the next module ordered, at some fairly awesome savings (

I also got my uniform for the golf tourny next week.

Now, )

Fic writing woes... )
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Posting mostly to let you know I'm alive ::waves::, but more importantly...

I have a Neverending Story icon!!!!!
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For the first time in five days, snow is NOT swirling through the air.
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Yeah, so in my attempt to put off writing anything I started to reorganize my tags.

I found I use the "rant" tag a lot.

But I think this new way might make it easier to find things.


Also: can anyone tell me how to change my comment default? I've been trying to change it for a week now, but I just can't find where.

Ice cream now!!!!

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