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4:43 am

I'm still up.

Sleep just isn't coming.

Click the eggs...
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right nostril still filled, right eye now feels like it will explode.

dad's computers is STILL scanning - 19 something hours and counting.

egg love
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Snagged the from [personal profile] trystan830. Good luck!

(1 Point) My first name:
(2 Points) My last name:
(3 Points) Take a stab at my middle name:
(1 Point) What is my hair color?:
(3 Points) Name my celeb-crush:
(1 Points) Do I have any children?:
(2 Points) What work do I do?:
(3 Points) What am I afraid of?:
(2 Points) Do I smoke?:
(2 Points) Do I drink?:
(2 Points) If I drink, what do I order?:
(2 Points) Do I have any siblings?:
(2 Points) How many?:
(4 Points) What's one of my favorite things to do?:
(2 Points) How many piercings do I have?:
(3 Points) What's my astro sun sign?:
(2 Points) What's my favorite way to relax?:
(2 Points) Who is my favorite band/artist?:
(3 Points) Am I shy or outgoing?:
(4 Points) What is my secret 'if I could do anything, money/reality no object' dream?:
(2 Points) What is my favorite color?:
(2 Points) Name something I hate:
(2 Points) Name a talent I have:
(2 Points) What's my fave place to shop?
(4 Points) What kind of shoes do I wear?:
(2 Points) Do I have any pets?:
(1 Point) Am I married?:
(3 Points) What is/was my field of study?:
(3 Points) Name something I collect:
(5 Points) What is the color of my bedroom?:
(5 Points) What is my worst habit?:
(5 Points on creativeness) If I were stranded on a desert island/desolate mountaintop, what would I bring:
(6 Points) What's the biggest secret I keep from most people?
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I was tagged by nadeshiko1

A. List seven quirks/habits/facts about you.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person that tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

I was tagged by erinm_4600

Rules of the Game:
A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
B) Tag 10 people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

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The Challenge:

Post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else on your friends list has done.
See if anybody else responds with "I've done that." If they have, you need to add another!(2.b., 2.c., etc...)
Have your friends cut & paste this into their journal to see what unique things they've done in their life.
My three:

1. Been interview by the BBC Scotland about a story I wrote.
2 . Met Alexi Yagudin
3. Done sugar packet shots
3b. Been backstage at the Met.
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My laptop (and the Tin Man DVD I left in it) is back!!!!

Yeah for writing and music and videos and icon making!!!
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I'm leave in 20 minutes to go to Cooperstown. My sister, the bear, is having surgery on the left foot - lower the arch and moving her big toe closer to the others.

Any one one my f-list who prays, please remember her.

The surgery is scheduled to start at 8:00am EDT and she should be out of recovery by 12:00.
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Snagged from [personal profile] madamruppy  these are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing’s users. As in, they sit on the shelf to make you look smart or well-rounded. Bold the ones you've read, italicize the owns you own but have not read. I have to say, I read a lot of classics when I was in school or this list would have a lot less bolded.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Anna Karenina
Crime and Punishment
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Wuthering Heights
The Silmarillion - I got through half of it.
Life of Pi : a novel
The Name of the Rose
Don Quixote
Moby Dick

Madame Bovary
The Odyssey
Pride and Prejudice - Like 50 thousand times
Jane Eyre

The Tale of Two Cities
The Brothers Karamazov
Guns, Germs, and Steel: the fates of human societies
War and Peace
Vanity Fair
The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Iliad
Emma - See note from P&P
The Blind Assassin
The Kite Runner
Mrs. Dalloway
Great Expectations
American Gods
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
Atlas Shrugged Ugh!
Reading Lolita in Tehran : a memoir in books
Memoirs of a Geisha
Wicked : the life and times of the wicked witch of the West
The Canterbury Tales

The Historian : a novel
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Love in the Time of Cholera
Brave New World
The Fountainhead
Foucault’s Pendulum
The Count of Monte Cristo

A Clockwork Orange
Anansi Boys
The Once and Future King
The Grapes of Wrath
The Poisonwood Bible : a novel
Angels & Demons
The Inferno
The Satanic Verses
Sense and Sensibility - See note from P&P
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Mansfield Park - See note from P&P

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
To the Lighthouse
Tess of the D’Urbervilles
Oliver Twist

Gulliver’s Travels
Les Misérables - got through about 5 chapters, then my head exploded from the sheer amount of NOTHING!!!
The Corrections
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
The Prince
The Sound and the Fury
Angela’s Ashes : a memoir
The God of Small Things
A People’s History of the United States : 1492-present
A Confederacy of Dunces
A Short History of Nearly Everything
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
The Scarlet Letter
Eats, Shoots & Leaves
The Mists of Avalon
Oryx and Crake : a novel
Collapse : how societies choose to fail or succeed
Cloud Atlas
The Confusion
Persuasion - See note from P&P
Northanger Abbey - See note from P&P
The Catcher in the Rye
On the Road
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Freakonomics : a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance : an inquiry into values
The Aeneid
Watership Down - You no have mates, you no have chicks, you stupid bunnies!!!
Gravity’s Rainbow
The Hobbit
In Cold Blood : a true account of a multiple murder and its consequences
White Teeth
Treasure Island
David Copperfield

The Three Musketeers
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Um... I don't know what to say.
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My mom and I were drive home from childbirth class last night and some how we got talking about mindless TV. Mom said something about "Psych" being as mindless as "The Golden Girls".

I snorted and said, "Okay, but which golden girl would Gus be?"

And my mom, my wonderful mom who just rolls her eyes when my dad and I start doing things like this, said "Oh Gus would be the mom, Sophia."

We setteled that Jules would be Rose, Shawn's dad would be Blanche, and Lassiter would be Dorothy.
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Good - I finished the remix and posted it (you all can read it on April 26th).

Bad - I have to drive to Syracuse tomorrow for a seven hour training. Then again on Saturday.

Good - Free tickets to see the St. Petersburg ballet.

Bad - My mom lost the directions for making mushroom stew.

Good - I have "Tin Man" on DVD.

Bad - I won't be able to watch it 'till next week.
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Put your pin!

Edit: Could you guys put your LJ name or something in the notes about how I know you. That would be awesome!

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Best authors note ever!

Author's Note: Advanced vocabulary was deployed in the making of this story. This is what happens when people whinge that I'm using too many hard words for them.

The advanced vocab?
"and with a fulmination of 'Ho - HO - HOOOOOOOOOO!' his lumbricoid member released a primal alluvion into his myrmidon's lissom omphalos of Love."

I'm still laughing over it.
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Happy Birthday to my daddy, the worlds only 6' 7", Polish, Leprechaun! 
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I took my cat to the vet this afternoon, and while I was driving I had the radio on.

Every station I listened to was reporting about Madonna's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I know that Justin Timberlake in hosting, that a bunch of people are upset because Madonna's music is more pop then rock and artist like the G. Giles Band and Steve Miller, which are rock acts, have been passed over, that the event is happening in NYC and not Cleavland.

Truthfully, I could not care less.

I get home and my dad asks me if I've heard the news. I know that there is no way my dad is talking about Madonna, so I say no.

Gov. Spitzer's name was found on a client list of a prostitution ring, so he resigned today.

<sarcastic> Yeah, Madonna beats that any day </sarcastic>

More then ever I agree with my icon.
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Two school type memes.
You paid attention during 74% of high school!

68-84% Pretty good, you know that there are libraries and newspapers, and you remember what you've read. You were a child that wasn't left behind!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
Create a Quiz

Stupid math.

Your Language Arts Grade: 100%

Way to go! You know not to trust the MS Grammar Check and you know "no" from "know." Now, go forth and spread the good word (or at least, the proper use of apostrophes).

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
Make a Quiz

The reason I did well on these? I was home-schooled. Neither of my parents hold a teaching certificate, but they do hold a vested interest in seeing me become the best I can.

So take that California!

Sign a petition to keep home-schooling legal
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Since Tin Man aired and I reconised Neal McDonough as the bad guy from "Traveler", and then from "Timeline" I've been trying to see his other stuff.

So I just turned on eps 11 of Boomtown, and yes there's Neal looking good even when sleeping off a hang-over on a sofa, but then the credits start to play and guest staring in this eps is Neil Patrick Harris AND Christopher Gorham!!!!

If they all are in a scene together I may pass out from a hotness over load!
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There had been news about talks after Thanksgiving, but in the mean time go check out:

And you don't have to put only a show in the "I support" box, you can put a writers name.
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The O.D. ran an article yesterday  with the headline, "6 U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan; deadliest year since 2001 invasion".
The article talks about the increase in soldiers deaths in both Afghanistan and Iraq, the rise of insurgent attacks, and the increase of troops in eastern Afghanistan.

The factions our troops are fighting would have increased in numbers over the last six years no matter what, so we went to them and there have been 101 U.S. deaths this year, or we could have stayed here, and they would have come to us and the death toll would have been so much more the a hundred.

I also thought about a comment my mother said the other day. She said when the soldiers returned from Vietnam that would be people spitting on them as they got off the buses. Is the support of troops now due to the men who were treated so badly then wishing to never have any one else experience went they went through?

Moving on: I applaud the men and women of Prague who stood in the streets and said "NO!" to those marching to remember Kristallnacht, as a wonderful victory.

The AP said that "right, left-wing groups clash", but I say that it was a group of sound minded people of faith and conviction going up against a bunch of whacked out nut jobs. I say more people should be like this, ready to stand and say, "No, you opinion doesn't count. Go away, we don't want you here." instead of the "oh don't hurt their feelings" mind set that is being pushed down our throats.

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