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I read The Selection books in 2014 and I enjoyed them. An interesting premise that I had really seen before, even I knew how the books would end. So I was excited when I found out that there were two follow up books dealing with the next generation.

The Heir fit well into the world that Kiera Cass created. We were introduced to Princess Eadlyn and quickly dived into the set up leading into her selection. This book ended with Eadlyn down to half a dozen prospects and developments in her family forcing her to take a hard look at herself.

The Crown however sped along, with Eadlyn picking the guy I figured she would but an ending for the political events that came out of left field - along with a revelation about a character's background that was totally unexpected (maybe the tie-in books brought up hints of this?).

While I liked The Heir, the ending that was slapped together in The Crown was nearly farcical and left the whole series with a bad taste.

Callow Poke out

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