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Well that was an interesting season full of ups, downs, new characters, and more ups and downs.

Let's see if any of my wishes came true:
- Chad Micheal Murry did show up again, but he was shipped of to military school at the end of the episode so I'm okay with that.

- Paris got her own card in the opening credits and the relationship between her and Rory is wonderful!

- I got a ton more of Sookie and Jackson, with a wedding! Yey!

- Emily has been just beautiful this season and I love it! I've also grown a lot more interested in Richard as well.

- Luke... this is a hard one since he did keep on with the "kicked puppy" look for the start of the season, but he then moved on to "slightly constipated".

Let's call that 5 and a half. Now on to what didn't happen:
- Rune came back, boo. But he hasn't been seen in a while - not even at his cousin's wedding - so maybe he's gone?

- No Miss Patty episode.

- Max ::whimper::

So that's one, two... 1,000 exactly.


Okay, moving on to new characters:

- While Christopher wasn't new this season, his role was much larger and the way things ended between him and Lorelai was so sad.

- We met Michel's mother and I love her so much!

- Jess, aka sad puppy jr. (on a side note: boy am I glad that Milo has gotten rid of that crocked jaw thing - or is it just the 80's style facial hair he has in "This Is Us" is covering it up?). A much better second option for Rory's affections then CMM was, but the whole "nothing pleases me" aspect is kind of off putting.

- Miss Patty!!!

- The Rory triangle works out somehow. While I'm rooting for Dean I have a feeling that it will be Jess who's the winner (Didn't SPN start some time around this point of the show?). Honestly I don't care, just so long as we end all the "oh no! I like two boys!" drama.
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Since almost every other post I've seen in the last week has been the trailer for the Gilmore Girls reunion I decided to jump on the band wagon 16 years late. I just finished season 1 and I have thoughts.

- The theme song makes me think someone really wanted "You've Got a Friend" but they couldn't get the rights.

- I know of no dance studio in the world that is open all day long. They all - including the one I owned for five years - have their first class around 3:00pm.

- You've heard of Manic Pixie Dream Girl now meet Manic Pixie Dream Town, where each resident is even more zany than the last and everyone lives to help our main characters.

Honestly, this show is cute and I can see why all my girl friends are going nuts over the reunion. It walks a fine line of being a teen drama without hitting over the head with a moral lesson while mixing in enough grown ups to keep the parents who are watching interested.

Also, the pop references give me a thrill of flashback: Justin and Brittney being the standard of romance, the pagers, having dial up internet. Mine is the generation that bridged the technological leap and it still freaks me out some times.

Here's my run down of the characters and where I think things might be headed.

Chilton crowd: Can Chad Michael Murray's character just go away? I would really love that. That would also free up time for more of Rory and Paris being frenemies.

The Inn: Michel hates everyone and everything and doesn't want to be here and I love him so much. I want to see more of the relationship between Sookie and Jackson in season two, but if the potting shed burnt down with Rune inside I would be totally fine.

The Gilmore's: Confession, at first I thought Richard was played by the same actor that played Wilson on "Home Improvements" and it made me a little sad when I finally went on to IMDb and discovered he wasn't... but then I saw he did play Richard Rich in "Richie Rich" starring Macaulay Culkin and I was happy again. We saw a few cracks in Emily's armor in season one, I want to see them grow so she can start to interact with her girls on an honest level and not by blackmailing them to dinner.

The Town: Can we have one Miss Patty episode? Where it's her telling a group of young children her life story? I would also love it if we could get Luke some new acting direction because this whole "just look like a kicked puppy whenever you're in a scene with Lorelai" thing is getting old.

Now off I go to watch season 2, because Max and Lorelai are amazing and I want them together so badly.

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