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In honor of the last chapter of "Raise A Little Cain", and since the next one is sooooooo sappy, I give you Sutton Foster.

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Yeah, this is me ripping of "Newhart" while I also rip off "Clue", all while playing Six Degrees of Separation. DG was played by Zooey, who was Jovie in "Elf", along with Bob Newhart, who was in "Newhart".


But it could have happened like this... )

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Disclamer: this story is meant for entertainment only. I do not own "Tin Man", "Firefly", "Clue", "Boomtown", "Elf", "Newhart", "Dallas", "St. Elsewhere" or "Young Frankenstein".

Through a lab accident Glitch de-ages Cain's body... to the age of six.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Clue Interlude One

Part Ten

Clue Interlude Two

Part Eleven

"Roll In Ze Hay" video

Part Twelve 
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This is not my fault. Nope, not at all. Blame trys for giving Steve this bone.

That's what could have happened... )
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Didn't want to leave you hanging to long with the crying and the mush. Steve is fully back in control in this one.



Raise a little Cain... )
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Warning: This chapter may cause thud'ing then awe'ing. Blame Steve.


Raise a little Cain... )

Part Nine

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Well, I feel very accomplished. I made a master list posting for my icons. Now all the "Tin Man" icons are on their own page, all the "Enchanted" icons are on their own page and so on.

I've got the posts on a personal lock for now, 'cus I don't want to spam everyone.

But you know what I would have much rather been doing? Posting the next two parts of "Raising A Little Cain", but [profile] chibi_kaz has not yet answered my demands (made in this thread).

But I can sum up what happened.

Part 6:
Cain is 16 and drunk.

Part 7:
Cain is 27 and shirtless.
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Let's say this was inspired by "Surf's Up" and the way Lani had with the little penguins.


Little!Cain says,  )

Part Five
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Dinner's over and Steve has a full tummy to work on now. Enjoy part three!


Raise A Little Cain... )

Part Four

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[personal profile] erinm_4600 give me use of Steve, her plot papay. This is the resault.

Oh, Steve and I based this off an icon she made which she talked about in this post.


So there is part one. More to come soon.

Chapter Two!!

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