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Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIN!!!!! (I'm a horrible friend and totally forgot - even with the LJ reminder e-mails)

My life:
- I'm doing Scrooge again this year and it's been really odd. Not the show, but me; I've been really nostalgic for past years/cast mates.

- On the knitting front, I made myself a shawl! It was based on a pattern for a baby shawl that I had to size up and at one point I ended up ripping out the whole thing and starting over - gah! But it's done now and I'll post pictures soon.

- Since knitting = mindless tv watching, I've gone through season 9 of Smallville, season 1 of Atlantis, and am currently on episode 4x05 Community (yes, I started with ep 1x01).

- Writing/creative stuff. I'm taking part in a Shakespeare Advent challenge and I've actually been keeping up with it fairly well. So far I've written 5 one shots, made 3 photo type things and 3 - count 'em, 3 - gifs!!!
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I have this nasty throat crud, with a headache and pimples sprouting up all over - ick!

But other then that I've had a very busy month, creative wise.

I wrote:
8 drabbles (BSG, Due South, Sleeping Beauty, Tin Man)
3 stories (BSG, The West Wing)

I made 54 icons!!!

You can find links to everything at the April Round-Up Post at [ profile] palis_delon
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I'll be back with my remix rec post later, but first you need to drop whatever you're doing and go read - Your Mechanic's Hand (The Permission Remix)

This is the best Simon voice I've read in a long time and his interaction with the crew is amazing and it's the backstory I never thought about and it's AWESOME!!!!@!
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What am I but a sheep after all?

The Fan Fiction Personality Test

The Mindgamer

Everything is possible, nothing is ever really over.

Fanfiction is a creative outlet for you. You don't intentionally write it, it just happens. You find inspiration in several fandoms, but are not obsessed with only one.

You like to explore "what if" situations. What if this character had never made this very choice? What if this event had taken place sooner, never, elsewhere? What if these people had never met?

You are likely to write Alternative Universes, fan seasons or sequels and just follow your (sometimes pretty strange) plot bunnies.

Okay, that is scary accurate, and on that note I'm off to finish the intro chapter from my BSG/PotO AU ;)
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Saw this while driving this morning: "Shaffer's Lawn and Handyman Service - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap".

I attended a birth yesterday that had a couple heart quickening moments - nothing bad, but you always have the extreme worst running through the back of your mind.

I joined up with [ profile] thebluebox_lims and you can too!

Artist claims went up at [ profile] het_bigbang and I snagged two, one is Due South, Ray K/Thatcher and the other is NCIS:LA, Kensi/Deeks. I've already made up half a dozen Ray K/Thatcher iocns, but then I've been excited about that story since the first snippet post.

And lastly, I've been reading fic.

A Line Written to Your Summer Dress by [ profile] fated_addiction
Glee | Jesse/Rachel | general spoilers | PG
he told her once they’ll be parallel lines. this is the truth though: it’s never that long.

The Cutting Edge by [ profile] taragel
Battlestar Galactica | Kara/Lee | AU | PG-13, Mild allusions to child abuse
She’s fire. He’s ice. They just might be the perfect match.

Holmes vs. Harkness by [ profile] kikainausagi
Torchwood, Sherlock | Jack, Mycroft | First season TW | PG-13 for brief swearing and mild innuendo
Mycroft has Jack kidnapped for a nice little chat about Torchwood's financials, among other things. Various other characters make appearances, but for once, Captain Jack Harkness doesn't get any.
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Previous days here... )

Day 15 - What is your favorite real life pairing?
I tend to squick over RPF, but I have found myself drawn to Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Ellen Page and Matt Smith/Karen Gillan. So, I guess I like hipsters in love?
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Yeah, so I took my idea from the other day and ran with it.

Check it out at [ profile] small_movies_fc, drop by the actor love thread and maybe even write a fic!

This months actor is Brendan Fraser.

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Yesterday I watched "School Ties", which got me thinking about how many awesome movies Brendan Fraser has been in, and also other awesome actors who have been in small movies that have little to no fandom.

This made me sad.

Then I thought, there should be a challenge comm where each month an actor is announced and only their smaller movies can be used to fic.


What do you guys think? Would you sign up for something like that?
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I spent last night with old friends - ones I have known for ages and ones that I haven't seen in ages.

Right now I have a mug of brewed in a pot tea and 2011 is looking pretty good (even if I just got an e-mail from my teacher saying I only got a 79 on my last assignment).

Last week [ profile] marcasite posted this meme on her journal and now I am shamelessly copying it.

Fic of 2010... )
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[ profile] het_reccers is looking for recs of Syfy mini series fic. So Tin Man and Alice peeps, get over there and do some reccing.
All the info you'll need -

First there was the commercial with the hamsters in the car and now cats are selling subs... I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!!

Last night I did an ice cream run and as I was paying the radio started to play "Quite Playin' Games With My Heart" (side note: the check out girl and I both started mouthing the words, then saw each other and got embarrassed.). Now I remember when this song first came out and all the hysteria around it - 14 YEAR AGO!!!

The really sad part... it was the Flashback Song!!!
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No, I wasn't eaten by lions, I didn't run away to the circus, I just got super busy.

RL 1: I'm in the application stage to start midwifery training. Which would happen in Texas. Yes, I've been kind of freaking myself out over that, both with the OMG!Texas! and the YEY!Babies!

RL 2: I have two doula clients that I've taken on in the last month, one of whom is due on the 24th.

RL 3: re:rl 1, I'm going to need $1,000 by June 14th for enrollment fees, books and such, so I've been putting together a blog/web site to let people know what I'm doing and asking them for money.

There is still tinkering that needs to been done (the links page is nothing but dummy text right now) but you can check it out at:

FL 1: I signed up with the Remix/Redux, so I wrote my story for that, but I also filled a pitch hit as well. So two stories written in a week and a half, go me!

Look for an in depth post about that after the archive opens.

FL 2: I'm also taking part in the [ profile] who_rumble icon challenge. So here are some icons from "The Next Doctor" (the first one was my entry for the challenge).

01. 02. 03. 04.
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Doctor Who and the star of doom
Astronomer Dr Megan Argo was working at Jodrell Bank with an international team that detected a powerful jet of energy from a star exploding in a distant galaxy as a catastrophic supernova. The breakthrough is being officially announced in heavily technical language to the world of science today by the journal Nature. But Megan, 28, a keen fan of British scifi favourite Doctor Who decided to write it up as a fan-fiction adventure to bring home the excitement of the team's finding to ordinary people.

Rest of the article here

Show me the Fan Fic!!!
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One of my wip is the next Guy Group story.

Right now I have four guys, but I'd like it to be a larger meeting. So I am taking nominations of in the category of: "Oh my god! You killed..."

So far the guys involved are:
Charles Tucker III aka Trip
Hogan Washburn aka Wash
Ianto Jones aka Sad tea boy
Scott Summers aka Cyclops

I'm open to any genre, just as long as the guy had a death that was really heart breaking.
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One more story done!

I've also been really looking at the ones remaining, and I think there are some that it's just time to give up on. They never had fully formed plots/ideas and there was nothing ever posted from them. but I don't know...

Tell me what you think, oh mighty F-List. Should they stay or should they go?

Fanny & Tom - A Mansfield Park AU. After being nursed back to health by Fanny, Tom develops tender feelings towards her.

Pride United vs. Prejudice - A Pride and Prejudice retelling. Lizzy Bennet is a quick witted soccer referee and Wil Darcy is a soccer coach looking to build his club. An over heard comment starts them off on bad footing, and every coach will tell you, never piss of the ref.

A Muse is a Terrible Thing to Waste - My '05 NaNo attempt. Cecelia is a Nymph who is in training to become a muse. But thing take a turn for the worse when the human she's paired with goes on a mad writing rampage and nearly drives Cecelia to madness trying to keep up.

Scenes From a Grassy Knoll - My '06 NaNo attempt. In the small community that is state level 4-H, a young girl grows up and falls in love for the first time. But what happens several years later when she's brought back in contact with that group and the boy who broke her heart?

Word count: 28,046
Story count: 7/18
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I've hit the half-way mark for word count and I just finished another story! Go me!

Word count: 27,519
Story count: 6/18
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For all you awesome TM fangirls, a scene from an upcoming chapter of "Somewhere Not Over the Rainbow" (note: this is straight from the page and has not been to Erin yet, now you can see what she has to put up with).

This way to bad grammar and misspellings... )
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Voting is going on for Round Four of the Children of Time awards.

The characters for this round are:
* Classic Who: The Brigadier
* New Who: Donna Noble
* Sarah Jane Adventures: Sarah Jane Smith
* Torchwood: Owen Harper

I've been reading the stories there. Here are my picks. Mostly New Who, due to the fact that all the Torchwood stories have way more sex then the show (and how is that even possible?) and there are only a handful of stories in Sarah Jane.

Tons of fic this way... )
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Snagged from [ profile] pen37.

Ask me about a pairing I have written (or haven't and you think I should write) and I will give you five facts about them or a ficlet or a song that is CLEARLY THEIR SONG or what they order from the Chinese place down the street, etc, etc.

You can see my pairings by clicking on the "Master List of Stories" link on the left.
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Here's my list of awesome remix/redux 7 stories. Enjoy and be sure to leave comments, remix stories are super scary to write (side note: my O.A. left me the most amazing comment/praise I've ever had).

First and fore most - Echoes of the Past (The Holographic Businesswoman Remix) [Firefly/Dollhouse; Adelle DeWitt]

02 - Its Own Appointed Limits Keep (The Music of the Voice Remix) [The Little Mermaid; Eric/Ariel]

03 - Persistence of Memory (The Lives of Saints Remix) [Torchwood; Martha + TW team; Canon Pairings]

04 - Afterthought (Selected Writings on Tremors and Other Natural Phenomenon, a Remix) [Firefly; Zoe]

05 - Missing Hawk (The Anger Turned Sideways Remix) (M*A*S*H; Hawkeye; PG-13)

07 - Brush Up Your Shakespeare (The Wild and Whirling Words Remix) [Firefly; River, Wash; g]

08 - Whore (Standard's Not My Native Tongue Megamix), [Star Trek: AOS; Gaila, Uhura]

09 - Steps on the Slow Path (The Brokedown Dancebeat Remix) [Doctor Who; Doctor/Reinette, PG]

10 - The Logical Thing (The Kick in the Pants Remix) [Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock/Chapel]

11 - stretch on forever (the no regrets remix) [Star Wars, Obi-Wan, PG]

12 - Battle (Cast Out the Shadows Mix) [Doctor Who, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler]

13 - Lickety Spit (the Tootsie Pop Remix) [Farscape; John/Aeryn]

14 - Threads (The Fabric of Our Lives Remix) [Firefly; Simon, River]

15 - Ash and Smoke (Retrospective Remix) [Lord of the Rings; Denethor]

16 - 10 Times Sarah Met, Crossed Paths With or Narrowly Avoided Martha Jones (Doctor Who; Martha, Sarah)

17 - Five Lives Elizabeth Swann Never Lived (The Quantum Leap Remix) [PotC; Elizabeth/various; PG]

18 - Nothing is Right (The It's Time To Stop Remix) (Fairy Tales (trad) , Anmaryse)

19 - Matched Set (The Clothes Make the Man Remix) (ST Reboot, Chekov, PG13)

20 - WWD/DD? (What Would Doctor/Dad Do?) (Doctor Who: Jenny, Jack Harkness)

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