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I want to get back into icon making, so I'm thinking that I might host one icon battle a month over on my creative comm [ profile] palis_delon.

Anybody wanna join me?
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I switched laptops last year and moved most of my files onto the new one, and with all the stress of bad work situations I didn't have time to do anything with graphics so it's just now that I realized that none of my screencaps, textures, ect got moved.

Does anyone on my f-list have screencaps from the "Alice" mini?
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It's been over a year since I've really done any icon making, but there's nothing like a good kick in the paint to get back in the game!

Come join in the fun!
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I have this nasty throat crud, with a headache and pimples sprouting up all over - ick!

But other then that I've had a very busy month, creative wise.

I wrote:
8 drabbles (BSG, Due South, Sleeping Beauty, Tin Man)
3 stories (BSG, The West Wing)

I made 54 icons!!!

You can find links to everything at the April Round-Up Post at [ profile] palis_delon
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Now that Nano is over I want to do something that's creative, but in a different way.

And then I watched The Sing-Off and was stuck by the lyrics of "Born to Run"

So I'm going to do a set of quote icons, but what I need is suggestions for ship's that I can use.

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I did a batch of icons from the first episode of "Once Upon a Time", mostly Snow & Charming.

I'm really trying to improve my work, so there may be several versions of the same crop. I've included a list of what I did from each icon at the bottom of the post and any con-crit would be welcome.

Icons under here... )

Info under here... )
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Saw this while driving this morning: "Shaffer's Lawn and Handyman Service - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap".

I attended a birth yesterday that had a couple heart quickening moments - nothing bad, but you always have the extreme worst running through the back of your mind.

I joined up with [ profile] thebluebox_lims and you can too!

Artist claims went up at [ profile] het_bigbang and I snagged two, one is Due South, Ray K/Thatcher and the other is NCIS:LA, Kensi/Deeks. I've already made up half a dozen Ray K/Thatcher iocns, but then I've been excited about that story since the first snippet post.

And lastly, I've been reading fic.

A Line Written to Your Summer Dress by [ profile] fated_addiction
Glee | Jesse/Rachel | general spoilers | PG
he told her once they’ll be parallel lines. this is the truth though: it’s never that long.

The Cutting Edge by [ profile] taragel
Battlestar Galactica | Kara/Lee | AU | PG-13, Mild allusions to child abuse
She’s fire. He’s ice. They just might be the perfect match.

Holmes vs. Harkness by [ profile] kikainausagi
Torchwood, Sherlock | Jack, Mycroft | First season TW | PG-13 for brief swearing and mild innuendo
Mycroft has Jack kidnapped for a nice little chat about Torchwood's financials, among other things. Various other characters make appearances, but for once, Captain Jack Harkness doesn't get any.

Icon Post!

Aug. 20th, 2011 11:31 am
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So even though I haven't been writing anything here, I have been doing this and that to keep me from going crazy with my school.

Here's a ton of icons that I've made.

7 Brendan Fraser (made for the Small Movie Challenge Comm)
44 Sci-Fi/Fantasy (made for an icon battle)
18 Doctor Who

Save the bandwidth!!! )

And a joke... )
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Here are the icons I made for [ profile] spy_land's phase two challenge. Take, use, enjoy! But please credit.


Random fandoms or stock spy
Jake 2.0
Agent Cody Banks
Covert Affairs
Gallager Girl
Bourne movies
Get Smart
La Femme Nikita

43 icons under the cut... )
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I just finished the second round over at [ profile] who_rumble, so I'm sharing my work.
Feel free to use!

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 8:

Week 9: (Mod's Choice)

Week 10:

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Posting mostly to let you know I'm alive ::waves::, but more importantly...

I have a Neverending Story icon!!!!!
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No, I wasn't eaten by lions, I didn't run away to the circus, I just got super busy.

RL 1: I'm in the application stage to start midwifery training. Which would happen in Texas. Yes, I've been kind of freaking myself out over that, both with the OMG!Texas! and the YEY!Babies!

RL 2: I have two doula clients that I've taken on in the last month, one of whom is due on the 24th.

RL 3: re:rl 1, I'm going to need $1,000 by June 14th for enrollment fees, books and such, so I've been putting together a blog/web site to let people know what I'm doing and asking them for money.

There is still tinkering that needs to been done (the links page is nothing but dummy text right now) but you can check it out at:

FL 1: I signed up with the Remix/Redux, so I wrote my story for that, but I also filled a pitch hit as well. So two stories written in a week and a half, go me!

Look for an in depth post about that after the archive opens.

FL 2: I'm also taking part in the [ profile] who_rumble icon challenge. So here are some icons from "The Next Doctor" (the first one was my entry for the challenge).

01. 02. 03. 04.
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All quotes by [ profile] queenfaithie, for she is awesome like that.

- 1999 Movie version with Michelle Pfeiffer and Kevin Kline.
- 2005 "Shakespeare Re-Told" TV version with Shirley Henderson and Rufus Sewell.
- 2006 Movie version, "She's the Man", with Amanda Bynes.
- Unknown local theater production.
- 2005 TV version, "Rome", with Ciarán Hinds.
- 2008 Royal Shakespeare Company production with Patrick Stewart.
- 2008 Royal Shakespeare Company production with David Tennant.
- 2007 Donmar production with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Ewan McGregor.
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[ profile] moony_blues asked for "My fandom has wank of DOOM!!!" icons, here they are.

There was also a quote that came out of a... um... "history lesson" on my comm theater.
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I've been making desktop calenders for the past few months and I thought I'd share. This months theme - Returning TV Shows.

The calender was made to fit my screen, but if there's a different size you'd like just let me know.

Calender - 1280x720

LJ Banner - 1000x280


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