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It's not even noon and so far today has been total shit.

I woke up just fine but as I walked through the kitchen to turn on the kettle my foot hit wet spot and slid a bit, just enough to wrench my knee.

The wetness? Cat puke.

Turned on my laptop and logged into e-mail to find a notice from PayPal that my payment didn't go through due to insufficient funds. I pulled up my bank account to find out what was going on. Even though I had 27 plus in my checking I somehow had -25 in my savings; so had to try to get that all straightened out with the credit union. It did get taken care of, and the money refunded, but my day has had pretty much all the joy sucked out of it.

I wish I could just go back to bed and restart the day.
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Hey there LJ, I'm still alive!

There's not much to report, school and birth center and housework and more school and a few births and more school.

I've got a blog strictly for posting about apprenticeship/midwifery/birth type things at: and I've done two posts in the last weeks.

The learning curve of the new apprenticeship/birth center/family/town has left me almost zero time for anything else. I haven't even thought about watching TV in over a week - although I have kept up on The LBD and I have thoughts on the vilification of Caroline (not a new thing in JA adaptions/fanfic) and the tap dance the writers are doing trying to tie everything up, but I have no time to lay these thoughts out in a coherent manner.

So that's my new life - very monotone, very focused, very lonely.
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Last night the power went out around 10:30. So no writing was done.



Oh, the hotness that is Neal and Chris! ::thud::
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4:30am Wednesday - I wake up just in time to run to the bath room before I vomit. The last time I threw up was from bad sea food, so I'm thinking the egg salad I had was bad, nope. I wake up a few hours later with a headache and all over body pain. And the weather was around 95 and muggy, being sick in the summer is so much worse the being sick in the winter.

6:45pm Friday - I finely found a fake big screen TV for the show Players are putting on. Well, my Mom found it, I just picked it up.

Just a few minutes ago - I friend posted this YouTube Video of Tony Blair, too funny!

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