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Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ERIN!!!!! (I'm a horrible friend and totally forgot - even with the LJ reminder e-mails)

My life:
- I'm doing Scrooge again this year and it's been really odd. Not the show, but me; I've been really nostalgic for past years/cast mates.

- On the knitting front, I made myself a shawl! It was based on a pattern for a baby shawl that I had to size up and at one point I ended up ripping out the whole thing and starting over - gah! But it's done now and I'll post pictures soon.

- Since knitting = mindless tv watching, I've gone through season 9 of Smallville, season 1 of Atlantis, and am currently on episode 4x05 Community (yes, I started with ep 1x01).

- Writing/creative stuff. I'm taking part in a Shakespeare Advent challenge and I've actually been keeping up with it fairly well. So far I've written 5 one shots, made 3 photo type things and 3 - count 'em, 3 - gifs!!!
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SO I guess I'm updating once a month now?

The apprenticeship continues to go well; I've been moving through the skill testing portion and am taking on more responsibility - I even helped with a catch (it was hour 26 and we didn't think mom was ready to push so I was left alone, then I started to see the head and was stuck in a spot where I couldn't move)!

One of the reasons I haven't been spend much time on LJ is because this program has a tuition, which I've been trading for yard work. It works out to 13 hours a week that I have to fit in around prenatals and births, so my free time has gone down to almost zero.

However... you could help me get back some of that free time! I've posted a crowd-funding campaign to help raise the cost of one year of apprenticeship.

I'm also trying to keep up with a video blog about my time in Utah.
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Saw this while driving this morning: "Shaffer's Lawn and Handyman Service - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap".

I attended a birth yesterday that had a couple heart quickening moments - nothing bad, but you always have the extreme worst running through the back of your mind.

I joined up with [ profile] thebluebox_lims and you can too!

Artist claims went up at [ profile] het_bigbang and I snagged two, one is Due South, Ray K/Thatcher and the other is NCIS:LA, Kensi/Deeks. I've already made up half a dozen Ray K/Thatcher iocns, but then I've been excited about that story since the first snippet post.

And lastly, I've been reading fic.

A Line Written to Your Summer Dress by [ profile] fated_addiction
Glee | Jesse/Rachel | general spoilers | PG
he told her once they’ll be parallel lines. this is the truth though: it’s never that long.

The Cutting Edge by [ profile] taragel
Battlestar Galactica | Kara/Lee | AU | PG-13, Mild allusions to child abuse
She’s fire. He’s ice. They just might be the perfect match.

Holmes vs. Harkness by [ profile] kikainausagi
Torchwood, Sherlock | Jack, Mycroft | First season TW | PG-13 for brief swearing and mild innuendo
Mycroft has Jack kidnapped for a nice little chat about Torchwood's financials, among other things. Various other characters make appearances, but for once, Captain Jack Harkness doesn't get any.
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No, I wasn't eaten by lions, I didn't run away to the circus, I just got super busy.

RL 1: I'm in the application stage to start midwifery training. Which would happen in Texas. Yes, I've been kind of freaking myself out over that, both with the OMG!Texas! and the YEY!Babies!

RL 2: I have two doula clients that I've taken on in the last month, one of whom is due on the 24th.

RL 3: re:rl 1, I'm going to need $1,000 by June 14th for enrollment fees, books and such, so I've been putting together a blog/web site to let people know what I'm doing and asking them for money.

There is still tinkering that needs to been done (the links page is nothing but dummy text right now) but you can check it out at:

FL 1: I signed up with the Remix/Redux, so I wrote my story for that, but I also filled a pitch hit as well. So two stories written in a week and a half, go me!

Look for an in depth post about that after the archive opens.

FL 2: I'm also taking part in the [ profile] who_rumble icon challenge. So here are some icons from "The Next Doctor" (the first one was my entry for the challenge).

01. 02. 03. 04.
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I was in the post office, my dad was out of stamps and had to send out a letter, and I started talking to the guy next to my in line. I mentioned that all I really needed was a single stamp, he pulled one off of his book and said "Marry Christmas".

I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

And when I got home "Passchendaele" was done, so I started watching it as I made peanut butter balls (buckeyes, yum!).

My white egg hatched, so I grabbed a new pink one.
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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I had my first dance class of the fall yesterday morning and I was fine all day, but the morning I woke up and my knee is blown!

So now I'm sitting on the sofa with the laptop (nice laptop, hasn't died yet), icing my knee in the hope I'll be able to walk for rehearsal tonight.

And now for my internet ramblings:
A meme I did from [ profile] madamruppy

random music )

And two funny tv ads from BBC America

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Okay, a recap of the last week.

Friday(15):big fight with my Mom in the afternoon, "Romeo & Juliet" in the evening.

Saturday(16): Leave the house at 6:00am, get to Ottawa by 10:30. Lunch with Tracey at 12:00. Stars On Ice at 7:00. Leave Ottawa 10:30, get home 2:00am.

Sunday(17):Spent all day at a health fair.

Monday(18):Class with Karen.

Tuesday(19):Cleaning the house, Library board meeting.

Wednesday(20):Classes in Ilion. (My longest workday of the week)

Thursday(21):Make tapes for pre-ballets. Track down costume order. Try to talk to the church I'm renting for the show, no luck. Classes in Rome.

Friday(22): More calls. Pick a few hours of work with Dad. Taking photos in Rome for the health fair. Out with Kati.

Saturday(23):Found speakers that work with my laptop. First group practice. Now it was only two hours, but getting 22 girl to do the same thing at the same time made it seem a LOT longer.

Sunday(24): Make brownies for the bake sale. Sisters soccer game. Set up for the show this weekend that I'm working as house manager for.

And I wonder why I feel like I've been run over. I still need to write up the review for the two shows, update the web site, get the next chapter of UMH written (yes I have been working on it!), get four dances finished (if the girls would show up to class), work out someone to video the show, get the flowers worked out, do something to get Rachel Scott to stay still, fold my clothes (I've been dressing out of my basket for two weeks and it shows),do the finishing on the solo costumes, and about twenty other things I can't remember right now.

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