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Well that was an interesting season full of ups, downs, new characters, and more ups and downs.

Let's see if any of my wishes came true:
- Chad Micheal Murry did show up again, but he was shipped of to military school at the end of the episode so I'm okay with that.

- Paris got her own card in the opening credits and the relationship between her and Rory is wonderful!

- I got a ton more of Sookie and Jackson, with a wedding! Yey!

- Emily has been just beautiful this season and I love it! I've also grown a lot more interested in Richard as well.

- Luke... this is a hard one since he did keep on with the "kicked puppy" look for the start of the season, but he then moved on to "slightly constipated".

Let's call that 5 and a half. Now on to what didn't happen:
- Rune came back, boo. But he hasn't been seen in a while - not even at his cousin's wedding - so maybe he's gone?

- No Miss Patty episode.

- Max ::whimper::

So that's one, two... 1,000 exactly.


Okay, moving on to new characters:

- While Christopher wasn't new this season, his role was much larger and the way things ended between him and Lorelai was so sad.

- We met Michel's mother and I love her so much!

- Jess, aka sad puppy jr. (on a side note: boy am I glad that Milo has gotten rid of that crocked jaw thing - or is it just the 80's style facial hair he has in "This Is Us" is covering it up?). A much better second option for Rory's affections then CMM was, but the whole "nothing pleases me" aspect is kind of off putting.

- Miss Patty!!!

- The Rory triangle works out somehow. While I'm rooting for Dean I have a feeling that it will be Jess who's the winner (Didn't SPN start some time around this point of the show?). Honestly I don't care, just so long as we end all the "oh no! I like two boys!" drama.

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Let's call that 5 and a half Now on to what didn't happen

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