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Well that was an interesting season full of ups, downs, new characters, and more ups and downs.

Let's see if any of my wishes came true:
- Chad Micheal Murry did show up again, but he was shipped of to military school at the end of the episode so I'm okay with that.

- Paris got her own card in the opening credits and the relationship between her and Rory is wonderful!

- I got a ton more of Sookie and Jackson, with a wedding! Yey!

- Emily has been just beautiful this season and I love it! I've also grown a lot more interested in Richard as well.

- Luke... this is a hard one since he did keep on with the "kicked puppy" look for the start of the season, but he then moved on to "slightly constipated".

Let's call that 5 and a half. Now on to what didn't happen:
- Rune came back, boo. But he hasn't been seen in a while - not even at his cousin's wedding - so maybe he's gone?

- No Miss Patty episode.

- Max ::whimper::

So that's one, two... 1,000 exactly.


Okay, moving on to new characters:

- While Christopher wasn't new this season, his role was much larger and the way things ended between him and Lorelai was so sad.

- We met Michel's mother and I love her so much!

- Jess, aka sad puppy jr. (on a side note: boy am I glad that Milo has gotten rid of that crocked jaw thing - or is it just the 80's style facial hair he has in "This Is Us" is covering it up?). A much better second option for Rory's affections then CMM was, but the whole "nothing pleases me" aspect is kind of off putting.

- Miss Patty!!!

- The Rory triangle works out somehow. While I'm rooting for Dean I have a feeling that it will be Jess who's the winner (Didn't SPN start some time around this point of the show?). Honestly I don't care, just so long as we end all the "oh no! I like two boys!" drama.
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Since almost every other post I've seen in the last week has been the trailer for the Gilmore Girls reunion I decided to jump on the band wagon 16 years late. I just finished season 1 and I have thoughts.

- The theme song makes me think someone really wanted "You've Got a Friend" but they couldn't get the rights.

- I know of no dance studio in the world that is open all day long. They all - including the one I owned for five years - have their first class around 3:00pm.

- You've heard of Manic Pixie Dream Girl now meet Manic Pixie Dream Town, where each resident is even more zany than the last and everyone lives to help our main characters.

Honestly, this show is cute and I can see why all my girl friends are going nuts over the reunion. It walks a fine line of being a teen drama without hitting over the head with a moral lesson while mixing in enough grown ups to keep the parents who are watching interested.

Also, the pop references give me a thrill of flashback: Justin and Brittney being the standard of romance, the pagers, having dial up internet. Mine is the generation that bridged the technological leap and it still freaks me out some times.

Here's my run down of the characters and where I think things might be headed.

Chilton crowd: Can Chad Michael Murray's character just go away? I would really love that. That would also free up time for more of Rory and Paris being frenemies.

The Inn: Michel hates everyone and everything and doesn't want to be here and I love him so much. I want to see more of the relationship between Sookie and Jackson in season two, but if the potting shed burnt down with Rune inside I would be totally fine.

The Gilmore's: Confession, at first I thought Richard was played by the same actor that played Wilson on "Home Improvements" and it made me a little sad when I finally went on to IMDb and discovered he wasn't... but then I saw he did play Richard Rich in "Richie Rich" starring Macaulay Culkin and I was happy again. We saw a few cracks in Emily's armor in season one, I want to see them grow so she can start to interact with her girls on an honest level and not by blackmailing them to dinner.

The Town: Can we have one Miss Patty episode? Where it's her telling a group of young children her life story? I would also love it if we could get Luke some new acting direction because this whole "just look like a kicked puppy whenever you're in a scene with Lorelai" thing is getting old.

Now off I go to watch season 2, because Max and Lorelai are amazing and I want them together so badly.
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There are two birthdays on my f-list today.

[ profile] lissapocalypse, who is living in Japan where there are lots of cherry blossoms, and [ profile] pintsizeninja, who is a ninja...

Happy Birthday guys!

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Day 25 - A pairing that was/would-be adorable, but could never work out?
Puck/Rachel “Glee”

They could be really good for each other, Puck would help Rachel to care less about other people's opinions and Rachel would bring out the softer side of Puck. But in the end Rachel would put stardom first and Puck would end up screwing around. They wouldn't want to hurt each other it would just happen.

and this is where I shake my fist at the sky and curse Fox yet again - this time for taking down all the fanvids of Glee
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It's kind of sad that all I have to post is this meme and it's taken me waaaaaaaay over 30 days to do it. Oh well, you all still love me right?

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Day 20 - The 'can't stand the sexual tension anymore' pairing?
Kensi/Deeks “NCIS:LA”

These two...

Really, they just need to get on with it.

D: Okay, so just to clarify; when we said Kensi was going to seduce him, what exactly did we mean by that?
S: You jealous?
D: What? Of Kensi? She's my partner.
G: Okay, whatever you say.
D She's my partner!

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Okay, I am now starting to really freak out about the upcoming exam. I still have two and a half lessons to finish (by Friday) and stupid me - I looked at the review lesson.

I don't have to do it, but if I do I'll get 5 points towards the exam - which I might need. Right now my biggest freak out is the fact that spell has always been my weak point and what if I can't spell the words I need for the test?

Day 01 - What is your current favorite ship?
Day 02 - What was your very first ship?
Day 03 - A pairing that needs to happen now?
Day 04 - The pairing with the most chemistry?
Day 05 - The pairing with the least chemistry?
Day 06 - Best kiss?
Day 07 - The most heartbreaking scene?

Day 08 - The pairing with the most baggage?
Robin/Barney “How I Met Your Mother”

Where to start? They both have massive daddy issues. Robin's spring from not living up to her father's (impossible) standards, while Barney is dealing with not having that presence at all.

Robin struggles with her self-image – she feels guilty that she has no interest in a babies or a husband or whatever else she's told herself is what a woman should want.

Barney has a massive fear of abandonment – his father left him when he was small, then the girl he was in love with stomped on his poor, hippy, heart (Think about it, if Shannon hadn't been a bitch then Barney = Marshall. Mind blown, right?)

I think the reason that Barney/Robin failed as a couple the first time around was that they were trying to fit themselves into the mold of what they thought a “real, normal” couple should be (I love Lily, but the whole “you have to define the relationship” thing was the beginning of the end, IMHO ). I really think that they will end up together, but no matter how much they grow it won't be in a traditional way.
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Day 01 - What is your current favorite ship?
Day 02 - What was your very first ship?
Day 03 - A pairing that needs to happen now?
Day 04 - The pairing with the most chemistry?
Day 05 - The pairing with the least chemistry?
Day 06 - Best kiss?

Day 07 - The most heartbreaking scene?
Jo/Zane “Eureka”

Jo got screwed with the timeline switch. Sure she got a promotion, but she never dated the guy she's in love with, her house gets blown up and then this happens...

Yeah, that's bad ass Loupo nearly crying - and it breaks my heart every time I see it.
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Here are the icons I made for [ profile] spy_land's phase two challenge. Take, use, enjoy! But please credit.


Random fandoms or stock spy
Jake 2.0
Agent Cody Banks
Covert Affairs
Gallager Girl
Bourne movies
Get Smart
La Femme Nikita

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Live from Lincon Center is showing "South Pacific".

God, I love the music. There's not a bad song in the play.
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I've been making desktop calenders for the past few months and I thought I'd share. This months theme - Returning TV Shows.

The calender was made to fit my screen, but if there's a different size you'd like just let me know.

Calender - 1280x720

LJ Banner - 1000x280

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So I was at a friends house this morning and her grandson was watching Sesame St. and people weren't sharing!!!

I was all "OMG! WTF!", 'cus people on SS not sharing is one of the signs of the end of the world - trufax.
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- Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it.

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My first review for Quadruple Z went up today. You can check it out at

I'll be covering "So You Think You Can Dance" and several other on air shows as well as reviewing "Due South" and Star Trek (yes, all of them. 'cus I AM that nuts).
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It's been an odd morning, but I did manege to stumble across an episode of "The West Wing".

"The Black Vera Wang" was part of the arc that introduced me to Mark Harrmon. The dialog was great the first time around, but after watching "NCIS" this line becomes even funnier...

CJ: "Well good morning, Agent Sunshine."
Donavon: "It's Special Agent Sunshine."
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Tonight "Dollhouse" will be postponed for the watching of "Gettysburg: The Battle That Changed America" and "Gettysburg: The Speech That Saved America".
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TV - Cupid - Made me happy
"After I help that women I'm going to find the manager and tell him you're a rude, unhelpful, jerk."
"Go ahead. (softly) Pain in the ass."
"You know what, James, if you're still working here tomorrow I'm going to look for your address on the internet and when I find it I'm going to forward it to N.A.M.B.L.A., The Society for Creative Anachronism, the Jehovah Witness home visitation program, and the Gray Panthers."

That's so awesome, I can just see a bunch of fighters showing up at this guys house "You wouldn't help an old lady?!"

Radio - Says You - Made me sad
Filk is...
A. To rip cloth by hand
B. The mood music for a Sci-Fi movie
C. Button covers, mostly of the kitch variety

The answer is D. None of the above. Filk is a song written in a folk style about Sci-Fi or Fantasy subject.
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Okay Leverage, I get that Nathan and Sophie have history, but I'm kinda sick of you ramming them down my throat.

The Psych plot bunny is showing me full scenes and characters (Down the strip mall from the Psych office is the Surf Shack Nick Nack shop, the woman who owns it is named Bernadette.)

Update on the fandom meme

1) Pick up to 15 pairings you like.
2) Describe them in up to 15 words.
3) Get your friends to guess.

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So I watched all of season one of SeaQuest and I have decided that it Next Generation Lite.

Really, at the start of "Photon Bullet" Lucas is being all emo and I said, "OMG! It's Wesley!" Two seconds later Tim Russ, aka Tuvok, showed up.

And then there was The Shat, who was awesome!

But back to Next Gen vs SeaQuest

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