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Yup, I'm going to do another weekend of writing. Join me if you want.

There will be comments for each hour, so find the latest and tell me what you did.
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Since I got so much writing done last weekend thanks to [ profile] fic_rush_48 today I'm going to do a mini rush!

If anyone else is writing this weekend and wants to join in my madness feel free to post an update in one of the comment threads below.
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And, with 7 and a half hours to spare, my remix is done!

Boo yah!

As of Friday morning I was stuck at 350 words, but then I had a second idea and completely rewrote the thing!

Yey for giving up!

And now I shall go play in the remix madness and you can too!
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So rather then write my Nano story, my plot bunnies all rallied around last night's episode of "Once Upon a Time".

"Only in My Dreams"
Snow/James | 200 words
A Dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep... )
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Stealing from [ profile] erinm_4600.

Choose one of my fics and give me a timestamp - e.g. two weeks before or five years later - and I'll write you a comment or ficlet telling you what happened.
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Another fic I found on my hard drive. It's a "Guild" one-shot from way back at the start of season three.

"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles -- Sun Tzu"

It had started as research. He had just wanted to be prepared for the next step in the attack. Vork, Clara and Zaboo were depressingly average plebs looking for a way to escape their boring lives and were easy enough targets.

But Codex was different.

The google search on Cyd Sherman turned up nearly 20 pages of hits. The first five were the normal links to facebook, myspace, twitter and a bunch of white page listing, but then came the good stuff.

Interviews going back with a younger and younger musician, a youtube video of her playing Sweet Child O' Mine on the violin, a police report on a domestic call - and how awesome was it that she had set that guys cello on fire! Just proves what they say about the quite ones.

It wasn't until the fourth time he loaded her symphony profile picture that the realization dawned on him that this might be a little bit more then research.

Of course, that was about five minutes before he got her chat request.
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I spent last night with old friends - ones I have known for ages and ones that I haven't seen in ages.

Right now I have a mug of brewed in a pot tea and 2011 is looking pretty good (even if I just got an e-mail from my teacher saying I only got a 79 on my last assignment).

Last week [ profile] marcasite posted this meme on her journal and now I am shamelessly copying it.

Fic of 2010... )
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Another "Lyrical" story. Maybe I should put out a mix with all the songs?

There is one more story left to post, so the new year will start off on a Guy Group note!

Read more... )
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When I found this file it was labeled, "For Moony". And here I thought it was just K who got me to write p0rn (well, for me it's racy).

I first posted this on my geocities page, but since that has gone the way of the dodo, here it is for your pleasure.

Not for kiddies... )
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This was written for a Spy Land challenge. You had to crossover two spy fandoms, so I chose Jake 2.0 and Covert Affairs.

Diane hated the days when she had to visit the CIA.

Rest of the story under the cut... )
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You might need to read Part One to understand this. But since the bunny that prompted this gave me a firm "No Names" rule, you might not understand it anyway.

Story this way... )
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I missed posting this last night because of the down time, so here are the last two parts.

Part 16 has a bunch of word for word dialog, I know it, it was a choice I made, don't hate me.

It's been a wild ride and I hope you've enjoyed it. I know that I've loved every minute of it.

Part 16... )

Epilogue... )
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15,000 words!!!

I will now crawl back into my writing hole.
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No, I wasn't eaten by lions, I didn't run away to the circus, I just got super busy.

RL 1: I'm in the application stage to start midwifery training. Which would happen in Texas. Yes, I've been kind of freaking myself out over that, both with the OMG!Texas! and the YEY!Babies!

RL 2: I have two doula clients that I've taken on in the last month, one of whom is due on the 24th.

RL 3: re:rl 1, I'm going to need $1,000 by June 14th for enrollment fees, books and such, so I've been putting together a blog/web site to let people know what I'm doing and asking them for money.

There is still tinkering that needs to been done (the links page is nothing but dummy text right now) but you can check it out at:

FL 1: I signed up with the Remix/Redux, so I wrote my story for that, but I also filled a pitch hit as well. So two stories written in a week and a half, go me!

Look for an in depth post about that after the archive opens.

FL 2: I'm also taking part in the [ profile] who_rumble icon challenge. So here are some icons from "The Next Doctor" (the first one was my entry for the challenge).

01. 02. 03. 04.
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Story Index - Part 14

The Realm of the Unwanted really was a place unlike no other in the Zones. About seventy annuals ago, the Outer Zones had been rocked by storms for nearly a month. When the skies finally cleared, there were two-hundred Indo-Asian refugees scattered across the land. At the time, the Outer Zone had been at war and a rumor was passed that they were really spies. More then fifty had died before the crown could intervene. The Realm was set up for the remaining people as a haven.

Read it, you know you want to... )
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Parts 1-12 can be found at the Story Index. Thanks to [ profile] erinm_4600 for her amazing beta skills.

The morning had passed quietly; Lorain had made breakfast while Ralf and the children had done the morning chores. After the meal Ralf had gone off the check the trap lines while Lorain had set the children down for some schooling. Wills was memorizing spelling words with his frog and she was helping Ella work out some math problems when the alert bell went off.

Looks like them Longcoats down on the crack decided to pay us a visit after all... )

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