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Another year of "Scrooge" has come and gone.

I also attended the Highrafter's Yule party last night. I drink a cup of something called Voodoo Juice (which was rum, rum, rum, pineapple juice, and rum) which got me to a point I called happy but Thorn called, "Holy crap! Naomi's actually drunk!!!".

Towards the end on the night I was trying to skirt around a group of people and ended up stubbing my toe on the hearth stone; it hurt like hell at the time but I didn't think to much about it. This morning I took off my sock and there was blood everywhere. I guess I split my toenail ::shrug::
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I finally heard back from the midwifery practice that I interviewed with.

I'm in!

So this means that I'll be moving to Houston in a few weeks. I have dozens of little details swirling through my brain. I have to get the cruse control fixed on the car, will I really need to bring my thick winter coat, should I try and get my yearly check ups done before I go or should I find a new doctor down there and do it in the fall? I need to get boxes.

Yeah, so that's my new crazy.
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I spent last night with old friends - ones I have known for ages and ones that I haven't seen in ages.

Right now I have a mug of brewed in a pot tea and 2011 is looking pretty good (even if I just got an e-mail from my teacher saying I only got a 79 on my last assignment).

Last week [ profile] marcasite posted this meme on her journal and now I am shamelessly copying it.

Fic of 2010... )
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No, I wasn't eaten by lions, I didn't run away to the circus, I just got super busy.

RL 1: I'm in the application stage to start midwifery training. Which would happen in Texas. Yes, I've been kind of freaking myself out over that, both with the OMG!Texas! and the YEY!Babies!

RL 2: I have two doula clients that I've taken on in the last month, one of whom is due on the 24th.

RL 3: re:rl 1, I'm going to need $1,000 by June 14th for enrollment fees, books and such, so I've been putting together a blog/web site to let people know what I'm doing and asking them for money.

There is still tinkering that needs to been done (the links page is nothing but dummy text right now) but you can check it out at:

FL 1: I signed up with the Remix/Redux, so I wrote my story for that, but I also filled a pitch hit as well. So two stories written in a week and a half, go me!

Look for an in depth post about that after the archive opens.

FL 2: I'm also taking part in the [ profile] who_rumble icon challenge. So here are some icons from "The Next Doctor" (the first one was my entry for the challenge).

01. 02. 03. 04.
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Oh wow. I just did my first phone interview for; Rick Arquilla, President and COO of Rotor-Rooter. Rick is appearing on the show, Undercover Boss this Sunday.

I was so nervous going it to this - what questions should I ask, are they really good or just stupid - but it turned out fine and I can't wait to hear it!
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I have taken a walk, stripped my bed, started the wash and made breakfast - and it's only 9:00am.

I LOVE spring!

EDIT: For your viewing pleasure... But please sit down first... )
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So I was at a friends house this morning and her grandson was watching Sesame St. and people weren't sharing!!!

I was all "OMG! WTF!", 'cus people on SS not sharing is one of the signs of the end of the world - trufax.

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